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Guidelines for Submitting an Expression of Interest

An expression of interest (EOI) is an informal nomination to request certain lands be included in a competitive oil and gas lease sale. Per WO IM 2014-004, the BLM will publish EOI submissions received on or after January 1, 2014,  on the website of the BLM state office where the nominated parcel is located. EOI submitters who prefer their name and address to be confidential should not include that information in their EOI. The BLM no longer requires submitters of EOIs to provide their name or address. Submitters may still provide this information for contact purposes; however, the BLM will make it available to the public.

EOIs are not automatically placed on a sale when received. The parcels must be reviewed for availability and environmental concerns prior to being placed on a sale. Additionally, if your EOI includes lands where the surface is managed by another agency, the BLM is required to obtain consent and recommendations from that surface managing agency (SMA) before placing the lands on a competitive sale notice. The SMA may need to prepare or update its environmental document, which will require additional time. Also, the BLM's records must be updated to document the U.S. mineral interest verified by the SMA.

Requests can be made in writing or e-mailed to . No filing fee or rental is required with an EOI. In accordance with Leasing Reform IM 2010-117, the BLM is required to post the notice of Competitive Sales 90 days prior to the sale. The oil and gas plats also must be notated with the parcels 90 days prior to the sale. This is a very complicated and lengthy process. Please keep this in mind when making future plans regarding a Federal oil and gas lease.

Make sure your EOI contains the following information:
• Complete legal land description broken into parcels of 2,560 acres or less.
• Name and address of any private surface owners.

The BLM cannot place for sale lands under lease or lands where minerals ownership is not federally owned. Check plat notations on patents for mineral ownership reserved by the United States. Further information can be found at .

Helpful hints when submitting an EOI:  
Regulations pertaining to competitive oil and gas leasing can be found in Title 43 CFR 3120. Prior to submitting your EOI, BLM public records should be reviewed to make certain the lands are available for leasing. The following lands are not available for leasing:
• Lands already leased for oil and gas
• Lands with non-Federally owned minerals
• Lands within city limits
• Lands withdrawn from mineral leasing
• Lands located in designated or proposed wilderness study areas (WSA)
• Lands within an Indian Reservation
• Lands within an existing or pending Land Exchange

In checking the public records, make certain that:
• Expired leases have not been extended beyond their primary term by diligent drilling;
• Terminated leases are not in the process of being reinstated.

EOIs must be submitted with a complete legal land description. If your EOI contains lands not within a six-mile square area, please configure the lands into the parcels as you would like to see them on a sale notice. Each parcel must not exceed 2,560 acres. If your EOI contains more than 2,560 acres and you have not configured your parcel, the BLM will parcel the lands, which may not agree with the parcel configuration you prefer.

Split-Estate (EOI and Presale Offers)

If you are nominating any split-estate lands – private surface/Federal minerals – you must include the name and address of the current private surface owners(s). BLM will send a letter to the surface owner(s) when the sale notice is posted.

EOIs Received