Oil and Gas Leasing Program

Oil and natural gas development on the public’s land and the public’s mineral estate is an economic driver for Colorado’s economy.

Roughly 90 percent of oil and natural gas development in Colorado occurs on state and private land. The State of Colorado has led the nation in providing a regulatory framework to manage this development in an environmentally responsible manner on state and private lands.

The BLM also has a robust regulatory framework, mandated by laws like the Mineral Leasing Act, Federal Land Policy and Management Act, the National Environmental Policy Act, the Endangered Species Act, the Clean Water Act, and many other federal laws and regulations. 

We manage the public’s land and mineral estate for multiple uses, ranging from energy development to wildlife habitat to recreation and conservation. To help better balance these often conflicting demands on our public lands, the BLM implemented oil and natural gas leasing reform in 2010. These reforms provide the public more involvement earlier in the process to better inform our decisions, and help reduce conflict, protests and litigation.

Important Announcements

Notice: Sale Information Mailing List

Notice: Revised Limitations on Credit Card Payments Effective June 30, 2012

Your own copy of Bid Form 3000-2 now required on Sale Day 

Bidder Registration Form

Fixed Cost Recovery Fees FY 2016

Notice of New Approved Forms (January 2010):  3000-3 Assignment of Record Title Interest and 3000-3a Transfer of Operating Rights 


Courtney Whiteman, Public Affairs Specialist, Colorado State Office (Media Contact)
303-239-3668, cwhiteman@blm.gov

Rebecca Baca, Land Law Examiner, Colorado State Office
303-239-3780, rbaca@blm.gov

Rachel Wix, Land Law Examiner, Colorado State Office
303-239-3625, rwix@blm.gov

Jessica Cedillo, Land Law Examiner, Colorado State Office
303-239-3767, jyanes@blm.gov

General Leasing Contact Information

BLM Lease Sale Process

Oil rigs in  northwest Colorado
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