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Oil Spring Mountain

Oil Spring Mountain
Oil Spring Mountain WSAThe Oil Spring Mountain WSA is dominated by the flat-topped Oil Spring Mountain itself, ridges, and numerous side drainages. The WSA trends to the northwest from Oil Spring Mountain, as elevations drop and landforms change from a mountain to arid slickrock with numerous sandstone draws, a cave, and a natural arch. Natural earth flows occurred in several locations on the highly erosive soils on Oil Spring Mountain.

It lies on the west side of the Douglas Creek Arch, near the crest of the anticline. (The Douglas Creek Arch constitutes the largest federal gas field in Colorado.)


Total Area: 18,245 acres
Elevation Range: ~6,000 to ~8,550 feet
BLM Field Office: White River
Designated: 1980 (Wilderness Study Area)

Location: The Oil Spring Mountain WSA is located in Rio Blanco County, approximately 25 miles southwest of Rangely.

Flora & Fauna: This area can be separated into four potential natural vegetation ecosystems: pinyon-juniper woodland, sagebrush steppe, mountain mahogany/oak scrub, and Douglas fir/pine forest. Other vegetation consists mainly of saltbush/greasewood, serviceberry, snowberry, aspen, and other various mountain shrubs. Fauna includes mule deer, elk, black bear, mountain lion, and various raptors.

Recreation: Activities include hiking, backpacking, camping, horseback riding, hunting, and photography. For more information, visit the Recreation page. Please note that though unconfined recreation is encouraged in WSAs, specific types of recreation may be barred from a specific area to prevent degradation of natural conditions.

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