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Demaree WSAThe Demaree WSA is characterized by four large, north-to-south canyons that dissect the high desert terrain between East Salt Creek and West Salt Creek. The Book Cliffs form the southern boundary, breaking the topography between this WSA and the Grand Valley. Solitude along with scenic vistas of the La Sal Mountains and the Grand Mesa can be enjoyed from high points along the ridge top.




Total Area:
22,713 acres
Elevation Range: ~5,100 to ~7,400 feet
BLM Field Office: Grand Junction
Designated: 1980 (Wilderness Study Area)

Location: The Demaree WSA is located in Garfield and Mesa counties, approximately 25 miles northwest of Grand Junction.

Flora & Fauna: Vegetation consists mainly of scattered pinyon-juniper woodlands, sagebrush, and mountain shrub communities. Fauna includes mule deer, elk, mountain lion, black bear, wild turkey, gray fox, raccoon, ringtail, squirrel, coyote, great horned owl, golden eagles, various other raptors, rattlesnake, the collared lizard, and chukar.

Recreation: Activities include hiking, backpacking, camping, and photography. There are no developed trail systems in the Demaree WSA; this is a remote area where backcountry skills and knowledge are encouraged. For more information, visit the Recreation page. Please note that although unconfined recreation is encouraged in WSAs, specific types of recreation may be barred from a specific area to prevent degradation of natural conditions.

Click here for additional information about the Demaree Wilderness Study Area from the Grand Junction Field Office.

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