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Law Enforcement - Wildfire Prevention

Every person who enjoys the outdoors needs to be especially cautious about activities that could cause a wildfire.   Every year, Rangers and Special agents investigate fires caused by human negligence and pursue criminal and/or civil charges. 

In order to prevent wildfires the following acts are prohibited on public lands within Colorado:

⇒ Building, attending, maintaining, or using a campfire without removing all flammable material from around the campfire adequate to prevent its escape or causing a fire, other than a campfire or industrial flaring of gas, to be ignited by any source

⇒ Burning timber, tree, slash, brush, tundra or grass except in campfires without authorization.

⇒ Leaving a fire unattended or leaving a fire without extinguishing it.

⇒ Firing a tracer or incendiary device.

⇒ Entering an area that is closed by a fire prevention order or performing any act restricted by a fire prevention order or resisting or interfering with the efforts of firefighter(s) to extinguish a fire.

With the recurring threat of seasonally extreme fire danger throughout the state and increased visitation on public lands, the BLM decided to update its rules regarding firework use. These rules prohibit the possession and use of fireworks on public lands in Colorado year round.

Each year, human-caused fires endanger public safety and destroy both public and private property. Updating these rules will help the BLM to reduce the threat of human-caused fires on public lands.

Prior to the new rules, the BLM prohibited firework use only at developed recreation sites and during seasonal fire restriction orders.

About the Rules:
1. These rules prohibit the possession and use of all fireworks and other incendiary devices on BLM-managed lands year round.

2. Individuals with written consent from the local agency administrator will be exempt from these rules.

3. Violation of these rules is punishable by a fine of up to $1,000 and/or 12 months imprisonment.