Law Enforcement - Wilderness Protection

With the Wilderness Act of 1964, Congress established the National Wilderness Preservation System to be composed of federally owned lands, designated by Congress, as wilderness areas.

The BLM oversees five wilderness areas in Colorado: 
• Black Ridge Canyons Wilderness
• Dominguez Canyon Wilderness
• Gunnison Gorge Wilderness
• Powderhorn Wilderness
• Uncompahgre Wilderness

In wilderness areas it is illegal to use motorized equipment; or motor vehicles, motorboats, or other forms of mechanical transport including mountain bikes.

In order to preserve wilderness values it is illegal to cut trees; build temporary or permanent roads; build, install or erect structures or installations including aircraft landing strips, heliports, helispots; land aircraft, or drop or pick up any material, supplies or person by means of aircraft, including a helicopter, hang-glider, hot air balloon, parasail or parachute.

Big Dominguez Creek - Dominguez Canyon WildernessIn addition, it is illegal to operate a commercial enterprise; engage or participate in competitive use; enter or use a wilderness area without authorization when required by the BLM; or violate any regulation, authorization, or order.


Gunnison Gorge Wilderness