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Law Enforcement - About Us

BLM Ranger

BLM Rangers are uniformed officers who provide a regular and recurring presence for vast areas of public lands in Colorado. They are responsible for conducting high visibility patrols and public contacts and enforcing federal laws and regulations. 

BLM Rangers assist local county and city police departments, other federal and state land management agencies, and BLM Special Agents investigating illegal activity on public lands. A high priority is providing for the safety of BLM employees and public land users.  BLM Rangers within Colorado report to the area Field Office Manager.

Special Agents

BLM Special Agents conduct criminal and civil investigations for many different types of crimes committed on public lands or involving public resources. Special Agents actively pursue investigations for cultivation of illegal drugs, arson, theft of archaeological and paleontological resources, illegal guides and outfitters, fraud and assault, as well as a variety of other crimes.

These long-term investigations may require the use of undercover officers, informants, surveillance and travel to various locations throughout the United States. BLM Special Agents are plainclothes officers that do not normally wear the BLM law enforcement uniform. BLM Special Agents work directly with the U.S. Attorney’s Office to prosecute individuals or businesses that conduct illegal activity on public lands. BLM Special Agents in Colorado are supervised and report to the BLM Colorado Special Agent-in-Charge.

Law Enforcement Ranger

Law Enforcement Rig