BLM Colorado Law Enforcement

BLM Colorado manages 8.3 million acres of public lands, along with 27 million acres of mineral estate. The public lands in Colorado include a variety of resources including timber, forage, energy and minerals, recreation, wild horse and burro herds, fish and wildlife habitat, wilderness areas and archaeological and paleontological sites. 

The BLM has been given specific resource protection and law enforcement responsibilities that relate to its resource management mission.  There are many federal laws and regulations that relate to public lands and resources.  These laws and regulations are often quite unique in that they apply only to federal lands and have no counterparts in state law. 

BLM Rangers and Agents in Colorado investigate a wide variety of crimes that affect public lands including: illegal guides and outfitters; mineral resource theft; wilderness area violations; hazardous materials dumping; archaeological and paleontological resource theft and vandalism; cultivation, manufacture, smuggling and use of illegal drugs; timber, forest product and native plant theft; illegal off-highway vehicle use; alcohol-related crimes and wildland arson.

To report a crime on public lands visit our Report a Crime page. We need your help to protect our public lands for future generations to enjoy.

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