Air Resources Technical Support Document

Extensive modeling and analysis was conducted to determine potential impacts to air quality associated with oil and gas development. Summaries of these results and methods are presented in the Proposed RMPA/Final EIS. However, detailed technical information is also available in the Air Resources Technical Support Document. 

·         Air Resources Technical Support Document (ARTSD)

·         Appendix A: WRFO Emissions Inventory

·         Appendix B: Nearby Field Office Emissions Inventory

·         Appendix C: Reasonably Foreseeable Future Action (RFFA) Cumulative Emissions Inventory

·        Appendix D: CALMET Input Data

·         Appendix E: Sample CALPUFF Model Control File

·        Appendix F: Sample CALPOST Model Control File

·         Appendix G: Project Only CALPUFF Detailed Results

·         Appendix H: Cumulative CALPUFF Detailed Results

·         Appendix I: Ozone Monitor Locations and Descriptions

·        Appendix J: SMOKE Modeling Report

·         Appendix K: Future Ozone Design Values

·         Appendix L: 8-Hour Daily Maximum Time Series Plots for All Monitors in the 4km Domain

·         Appendix M: WRFO Alternative D 8-Hour Ozone Maximum & Difference Plots for April and July 2006

·         Appendix N: Example Wind Quality Assurance Plots

·         Appendix O: Surface & Precipitation Meteorological Stations

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