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RMP Revision Documents

Preparation Plan: The preparation plan provides the foundation for the entire planning process by identifying the preliminary issues to be addressed, the skills needed to address them, a preliminary budget that can be used for the entire cost estimate, preliminary planning criteria, and data and metadata available and needed. A comphrehensive preparation plan provides management direction, oversight, structure, cost estimate, and a focus for the planning process.

Notice of Intent: The NOI to prepare the RMPs with an associated Environmental Impact Statement for the Kremmling and Glenwood Springs Field Offices was published on March 2, 2007. This notice initiates the public scoping process. Comments and resource information should be submitted to the BLM within 60 days of publication of the notice (by May 2nd).

Final Wild and Scenic River Eligibility Study Report : The study details which river and stream segments occuring on BLM lands within the two field offices meet the criteria to be eligible for federal Wild and Scenic River designation.

*** NOTE *** The Final Wild and Scenic Rivers Suitability Report has been posted with the Proposed RMP/Final EIS Documents for the individual field offices.  Please see the following pages:

Final Community Assessment Report : In the fall and winter of 2006, The Keystone Center held 19 small group discussions with
representatives of local governments in north-central Colorado. These discussions were held on behalf of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) as part of the pre-planning process in advance of the revision of the Resource Management Plans (RMPs) for the Glenwood Springs Field Office and the Kremmling Field Office. The interviews had 3 primary goals:
• To gather input from communities about their vision for the landscape and the benefits they seek frompublic lands
• To set the stage for strategic planning options
• To foster collaborative relationships in which information is continually shared and updated throughout the planning process

This report is a collaborative effort between the BLM and The Keystone Center to interpret the most commonly mentioned subjects raised by communities in the nineteen small group discussions.

Scoping Meeting Materials: Scoping is a collaborative public involvement process in which the BLM asks the public and other agencies to identify planning issues to be addressed in the planning process. The following scoping information packets provide the public with a great deal of background information regarding much of our current management (see scoping meeting maps ).

Scoping Report : The Scoping Report documents the results of scoping by summarizing the indiviudal comments received and describing the issues that were raised.

Analysis of the Management Situation (AMS): The purpose of the AMS is to summarize the existing situation (affected environment) and propose a range of management opportunities (preliminary components of alternatives). The AMS serves as the basis for the RMP and associated EIS, but is not a comprehensive, detail-oriented document, nor does it represent extreme details about various resources.

Areas of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC) Report: The report documents the relevance and importance criteria findings.

Visitor Study Reports: The purpose of the project was to study the GSFO and KFO during the 2007 summer use season (2006 hunting season), as well as to obtain stakeholder insights from leaders and residents in the surrounding communities.

Air Resources Technical Support Document: The purpose of the document was to support potential management actions based upon CAMx, AERMOD, CALPUFF Air Quality Modeling.

Notice of Availabity : The NOA  for the Draft RMP for the Colorado River Valley Field Office was published in the Federal Register on September 15, 2011. This notice initiated the 90 day public comment period ending December 15, 2011. Please note; a separate NOA for the Kremmling Field Office Draft RMP was published in the Federal Register on September 15, 2011 as a separate document.

Reasonable Foreseeable Development Scenario (RFDS) for the Colorado River Valley (Glenwood Springs) Field Office; the RFDS was a hypothetical planning tool for Oil and Gas activities within the Colorado River Valley Field Office boundaries.