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Advisory Committee

In accordance with a directive from the Secretary of the Interior, a Monument Advisory Committee (Committee) was established in May 2003. Members were selected based on their knowledge and special expertise in the category of interest they were nominated for, and served for four years. The Committee advised the Secretary and BLM on development and implementation of a resource management plan for the Monument. The Committee, among other tasks:

  • gathered and analyzed information;
  • conducted studies and field examinations;
  • heard public testimony;
  • advised BLM in establishing Monument management priorities, goals and objectives;
  • developed recommendations for ecosystem approaches to management in the Monument; and
  • advised BLM on local collaborative approaches to Monument management.
Monument Advisory Committee Meetings: On June 6, 2003, an 11-member Monument Advisory Committee (Advisory Committee) was established. Member selection was based upon knowledge, as well as on level of expertise in specific areas of interest. The Advisory Committee’s duties included gathering and analyzing information; conducting studies and field examinations; hearing public testimony; advising the BLM on establishing priorities, goals, and objectives; developing recommendations for management implementation; and advising the BLM on local collaborative management approaches. The Advisory Committee identified 6 priority issues and provided recommendations for each issue. The issue topics included: grazing management, mineral development, cultural resources protection, recreation management, transportation planning, and private land access. (Advisory Committee actions are detailed in the Canyons of the Ancients National Monument Scoping Report.)

The development of the Plan took longer than anticipated; therefore, membership on this Advisory Committee, authorized by the Federal Advisory Commission Act (FACA), lapsed for most members before the DRMP/DEIS was complete. The process to appoint members to this federally sanctioned committee is elaborate and lengthy; therefore, the Advisory Committee was re-established as a Monument Subgroup operating under the direction of the SWRAC (which is also a FACA-chartered advisory council). Throughout the planning process, the Advisory Committee and Monument Subgroup met 24 times and  played an invaluable role in the planning process.

Monument Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

Monument Advisory Committee Federal Register Notices