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Land Use Planning

As part of our continuing commitment to improve our management of the nation’s public lands, the Bureau of Land Management is reviewing the way we develop and update our Resource Management Plans (RMPs). Click here for more information on the BLM's Planning 2.0 initiative.

Resource management planning provides the basis for evaluating and communicating public land uses. Using the principles of multiple use and sustained yield, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) seeks to maximize resource values for present and future generations. The BLM's land use plans, called RMPs take several years to complete. Opportunities for public involvement are continuous during development and implementation of the RMP. Decisions in a RMP are designed to guide and control future land or resource management actions over a ten to twenty year period.

RMPs are kept current by continuous maintenance to correct errors and update supporting data, by amending decisions when needed, and through periodic updates that incorporate maintenance changes and amendments. When needed, implementation plans are prepared. From time to time, RMPs may be revised (replaced with a new RMP).

Throughout the planning process, the BLM uses a collaborative approach to planning and will involve tribal, State and local governments, other Federal agencies, and interested parties to address common needs and goals. The BLM endeavors to use a multi-jurisdictional approach when there is a mix of land ownership and government authorities and there are opportunities to develop complementary decisions across jurisdictional boundaries. When BLM administered public lands make up a small part of the planning area, it is desirable for other jurisdictional interests to lead the planning effort.

Land use plans available for review and public comment periods are announced and made available on the BLM Colorado Field Office homepages as well as the BLM Colorado homepage.

The Resource Management Plan Status page displays a chronology of planning actions and provides a link to planning documents that are available for viewing or downloading.