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Jobs and Training

Fire and Aviation Jobs

Fire and aviation professionals at the BLM work to control and extinguish wildfires, and reduce or eliminate potential fire hazards. They protect the public, the natural landscape, wildlife habitat and recreational areas for our country's citizens. Fires occur on different, often remote, terrain and can affect entire ecosystems. Fire professionals need to understand the effects of fire - whether it's better to stop a fire in its tracks or let it burn out, for the sake of the wild and plant life in an area. These are very dedicated people, who work in conjunction with other federal, state, and local and even international organizations. Your work in this field could include fire suppression, preparedness, predictive services, fuels management, fire planning, community assistance and protection, prevention and education, and safety.

The BLM is also responsible for aircraft operation support for wildfire and resource management missions - the largest aviation program within the Department of the Interior. Our aviation team supports not only wildland fire efforts and operations but also disaster response, animal census, forest management, photo mapping, search and rescue and other public land and resource management uses.

For seasonal wildland fire positions, visit the Department of the Interior's FIRES website where you can search and apply for wildland fire jobs. Also on the FIRES site, you can learn about the types of fire crews and our jobs specialties and find valuable information about the application process.

If you experience problems or have technical questions about the application process, you can contact the FIRES Help Desk at (888) 364-6432.

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BLM Colorado provides thousands of dollars in assistance funding and hundreds of hours of instructor time to the Colorado Wildland Fire & Incident Management Academies. These academies are held each year in January and June. The focus of the Colorado Wildfire Academy program is to provide wildland fire and all-risk incident management training to fire department personnel as well as other cooperators at the local, state and national levels. Training varies from the basic introduction to wildland fire, to advanced fire behavior and incident command courses. More than 2,000 students attend one or both of the academies each year.

For more information about the academy, visit:

In addition to the academies, many of the BLM’s local fire management programs actively train and support a variety of volunteer and paid fire department personnel each fire season.