Cultural Resource Use Permits


All cultural resource investigations on BLM-administered land require a Cultural Resource Use Permit. A permit is not issued to federal agencies. This permit only applies to federal lands.


All applicants must contact the BLM State Archaeologist before submitting an application. All applicants must submit a completed application form for review and approval. The application can be submitted in hard copy or electronically to the BLM State Archaeologist, 2850 Youngfield Street, Lakewood, Colorado 80215-7076; email; telephone (303) 239-3647.


Electronic submittals require the signature of the permit administrator (pdf format is acceptable). Applications may take a minimum of 30 days to process.


The field experience of personnel is critical to the application review. They must have at least four months of professional cultural resource management experience with comparable cultural resources in similar cultural and geographic areas. Please see our County List for Colorado and adjoining States that qualify as field experience. Other areas do not qualify.


In order to change or renew authorized permits, applicants must submit a completed Modification or Renewal form to the BLM State Archaeologist for review and approval.


A project-specific Fieldwork Authorization Request form is required before commencing fieldwork and is issued by the appropriate BLM field office (contact information is available in this downloadable document). BLM field offices across Colorado have slightly different requirements for permittees. Some offices have prepared documents detailing these requirements, and permittees are encouraged to download them from this site.


All permits adhere to the Colorado Handbook of Guidelines and Procedures for Inventory, Evaluation and Mitigation of Cultural Resources. Further information about the Cultural Resource Use Permit is included in the Handbook.


Colorado permit stipulations require that consultants collect and submit geospatial data to the BLM and provide the agency with digital information following certain specifications. Because the related technology changes at a relatively rapid pace, BLM Colorado prepared a Digital Data Specifications Guide that contains the most current requirements.


Templates for shapefile attribute tables may be downloaded from this site or from the OAHP website. The attribute tables in these templates contain the minimum fields required for site and inventory shapefile attribute, but additional fields may be added. The attribute table templates can be downloaded at Site_ply_tmp and Survey_ply_tmp.


All wickiups, platforms, brush fences, or other similar aboriginal wooden or brush structures will require an Aboriginal Wooden Structure Component Form for each structure in addition to the OAHP Prehistoric Component Form. All cultural modified trees will require a Culturally Modified Tree Form, and historic well pads should be recorded with the Historic Well Pad Component Form in addition to the Prehistoric or Historic Component Form.


BLM field offices across Colorado have slightly different requirements for permittees. Some offices have prepared documents detailing these requirements. If you have any questions, please contact the archaeologist in the office issuing the fieldwork authorization.