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Release Date: 12/18/13
Contacts: Christopher B. Joyner (970) 210-2126    

Leak found in Nonproducing Natural Gas Well (12-17-13)

GRAND JUNCTION – Colo.  A leak was discovered in a nonproducing natural gas well approximately seven miles southwest of DeBeque on lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management.
The owner of the well, Maralex, began working on containment Saturday by diverting the leaking fluids to a storage pit already on the well pad. BLM has ordered the company to contain the spill and repair the well.
“BLM Surface Compliance Specialists and Petroleum Engineers are working closely with the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, the well owner and industry professionals to completely assess the situation,” said Katie Stevens manager of the BLM Grand Junction Field Office.  “BLM’s number one priority is containment and control of the leak.”
The fluids leaking from the well are now contained to the well pad. Construction of berms is underway to ensure fluids do not leave the pad.  Soil and water samples are being analyzed to determine the content of the leaked fluid.  The leaking well is approximately six miles from the Colorado River. 
 The BLM is working closely with the COGCC, the operator and industry professionals to determine the cause as well as solutions for mitigation and complete control of the leak.
The leaking well was taken out of production in 1981 and is shut in but capable of production.  Energy companies shut in wells on valid leases for many reasons such as gas prices, market conditions and presence of inert gases.  The BLM inspects shut in wells and recently inspected the leaking well on July 9, 2013. 
The leaking well is located on Jaw Ridge, a remote, gas rich area with many producing wells in the vicinity.  Fracking operations were recently completed on a well approximately a mile away. 

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