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Release Date: 03/12/12
Contacts: Shannon Borders, 970-240-5399    

Local Road Closures Protect Gunnison Sage-grouse Habitat and Maintain Roads (03-12-12)

GUNNISON, Colo. –On Friday, Mar. 9, Bureau of Land Management officials closed routes for motorized use in the Gunnison Basin to prevent resource damage. Warmer conditions in the area warranted the closure a few days earlier than the normally scheduled closures that occur annually to protect Gunnison Sage-grouse habitat.

“Due to early thawing conditions, we’ve seen resource damage in the area,” said Brian St. George, BLM Gunnison Field Office manager.  “Therefore, we are asking the public to respect the closures and soon as conditions permit we will re-open the areas to motorized use.”

Non-motorized uses are still authorized beyond locked gates, although the public is encouraged to wait until at least 9 a.m. to access the areas under Gunnison Sage-grouse closures.  Dogs should also be leashed in these areas.

The following roads are included in the closure:  Airport Road (W Mountain); CR #7, Miller Lane; CR #25, Pine Creek, HWY 50 (N) end; CR #25, Pine Creek, (S) end past Blue Mesa Estates; CR #26, Sapinero Mesa at current winter closure gate HWY 50 (N) end; CR #26, Sapinero Mesa, HWY 149 end at current winter closure gate; CR #32, McCabe Lane, at cattle guard past Moncrief Ranch; CR #51B, Sun Park, just past intersection with Overlook Drive; CR #62, Razor Creek at BLM boundary; CR #743, Lost Canyon, at existing winter closure gate; CR #818, Wiley Lane at private/ BLM boundary on S end; CR #818, Wiley Lane at intersection with Mill Creek Road.  All U.S. Forest Service roads within the Flattop Mountain area including FS Road #829, Henkle Rd. at CR 730, FS #860, Smokey Bear Rd. at HWY135, FS #862 at 860 Rd, FS #863 at 860 Rd., FS #955 at 829 Rd.;  BLM #3038, Kezar Basin Road;  BLM #3038 Nine Mile Hill west of HWY 149;  CR #61, Pole Creek road;  BLM #3061 Hartman Rocks roads south of powerline;  Hartman Rocks powerline road east of South Beaver Creek; BLM #3061 south entrance into Hartman Rocks; CR #72, Tomichi Heights, closure at BLM boundary; CR #42, Six Mile Lane at existing gate on BLM boundary;  BLM #3107 Cabin Creek road at HWY 50; BLM #3106 Dry Gulch road at HWY 50; BLM #3106 Sewell Rim Road at HWY 50; South Parlin Flats access road off HWY 114 near mile-marker 5; BLM #3076, South Parlin Flats access road off HWY 114 near mile-marker 7; Camp Kettle Gulch road off HWY 114;  BLM #3103 North Parlin Flats road; CR #43, South Parlin Flats, approx 0.4 mi S of HWY 50; Roads off CR #44 accessing  Woods Gulch area; BLM #3096 off south end of CR #44; Poverty Gulch road off Doyleville Cutoff road; BLM #3094 Tomichi Dome road; BLM #3073 Krueger Ranch road; BLM #3067 Stubbs Gulch access at Gold Basin shooting area; and BLM #3108 north side of HWY 50, three miles east of Gunnison.

Three additional roads in the Hartman Rocks area were closed in anticipation of winter conditions and ski trail grooming.  These will reopen when the roads dry out. These roads are:  Hartman Rocks northwest entrance; BLM #3061 at McCabes Lane (CR32) entrance; and Hartman Rocks powerline access off CR #38(Gold Basin road).

In Gunnison Sage-grouse closure areas, the gates will remain closed until May 15, 2012.  For more information, contact the BLM Gunnison Field Office at 970-642-4940.

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Last updated: 03-12-2012