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Release Date: 11/17/09
Contacts: Erin Curtis 970-244-3097    

BLM Seeks Public Comment on Weed Management Plan

Montrose, Colo. – The Bureau of Land Management is seeking public comment on a proposed Environmental Assessment and Weed Management Plan that will detail an integrated approach to weed management within the Uncompahgre Field Office.

Recent land health assessments and weed inventories conducted throughout the UFO indicate that an increase in noxious and invasive weeds is contributing to the declining health of native plant communities in a number of areas. These infestations reduce the quality and quantity of wildlife habitat and livestock forage, as well as increase the potential for soil erosion and adverse impacts on water quality.

Managers are currently using a variety of techniques to control these infestations, including manual, chemical and biological controls. This integrated plan would allow for early detection and rapid response to new weed infestations as well as a more proactive, coordinated weed management program for the Field Office. The BLM would assess and utilize the most appropriate methods, including using herbicides selectively and conservatively in combination with other treatment methods, in order to reduce these adverse impacts.

“Completing this plan and environmental assessment will allow us to continue to respond quickly with the most appropriate approach to dealing with these infestations,” said BLM Uncompahgre Field Manager Barb Sharrow. “Quick action is often the key to eradicating or containing weed infestations.”

The Integrated Weed Management Plan will outline a broad framework that allows resource managers to select appropriate actions to eradicate, significantly reduce, contain, or prevent new infestations of noxious and invasive weed species.  The plan will provide a way to use and evaluate a range of possible actions, including prevention, education, coordination, inventory, revegetation, and monitoring, as well as manual, chemical, and biological treatments.

Comments will be most helpful if received by December 18. Written comments and questions should be directed to the attention of Lynae Rogers at the Uncompahgre Field Office, 2465 South Townsend Ave, Montrose, CO 81401. Comments can be faxed to 970-240-5368 or emailed to

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