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Release Date: 05/29/09
Contacts: Andy Windsor, Outdoor Recreation Planner, (970) 724-3039    
  David Boyd, Public Affairs Specialist, (970) 947-2832    

BLM adjusts use fees for Upper Colorado River recreation sites

KREMMLING, Colo.  – Visitors to the Bureau of Land Management Pumphouse and Radium recreation areas on the Upper Colorado River will notice some changes in day-use fee requirements beginning this weekend.

All vehicles at the recreation sites will now pay the $3 day-use fee. The first vehicle in a camping area will pay the camping fee ($10 at Pumphouse, $6 at Radium), which includes the day-use fee. This was the original fee structure authorized in 1998.

For the past several years, an exception for the $3 day-use fee was allowed for a second vehicle at an individual campsite, or three additional vehicles at a group campsite.

Additionally, group campsites at Pumphouse and Radium will now follow the same fee structure as individual sites. The $30 fee for group campsites will be eliminated.
“These are not new fees, just a return to what was originally authorized in 1998,” said Kremmling Field Manager Dave Stout. “Our motivation is not to generate more revenue, but to simplify the fee structure so it will be easier for the public to understand and for BLM to enforce.”

Given the adjustment of the day-use fee requirement and the group-campsite fees, BLM doesn’t expect much change from the current revenue generated at these sites.

Last year 46,353 people visited the fee sites, but only 2,649 visitors camped. Most visitors were day users who floated the Colorado River from Pumphouse to Radium. More than $52,000 was generated from the use-fees in 2008.

BLM began charging use-fees at these areas in 1998 under the Recreation Fee Demonstration Program. Revenue generated from these fees is used for maintenance and to improve these sites. A major renovation of the Pumphouse Campground scheduled for this summer, for instance, is being partly funded by these user fees.

For additional information, log on to or call (970) 724-3000. Reservations for the group campsites can be made at this number as well.

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