FY2004 NEPA Register
Updated - May 6, 2010

This register will be updated as needed.

For more information on these projects, contact the NEPA Coordinator, Kathy McKinstry, at 970-826-5080.


Little Snake Field Office

455 Emerson Street

Craig , Colorado   81625-1129


Any highlighted actions are available for viewing and downloading.


All Field Office NEPA registers contain current EIS and EA actions. However, certain registers do not include CXs and DNAs. Inquiries about these documents can be obtained by contacting the appropriate Field Office NEPA Coordinator, or by visiting their Field Office public room.

Most projects also require compliance with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA).  The register serves as scoping for both NEPA and NHPA public involvement. 

*The listing of WSA (Wilderness Study Area), ACEC (Area of Critical Environmental Concern), WSR (Wild and Scenic River ), or WA (Wilderness Area) in this column indicates that the proposed action is within that special designation area.

CX = Categorical Exclusion

DNA = Documentation of NEPA Adequacy and Land Use Plan Conformance

EA = Environmental Assessment

EIS = Environmental Impact Statement


FY2004 Projects
(10/01/03 - 09/30/04)
CO-100-2004-032 CE
Range-Grazing Permit Transfer T5N, R90W, secs. 12 and 14;  Moffat County
Grazing Permittee


ON HOLD Projected replaced with CO-100-2008-002 CX
CO-100-2004-040 DNA
Range-Renewal of grazing lease T8N, R92W, sec 17,20; T8N, R93W, sec 13; T4N, R87W, sec 33,34; Moffat County
A. Minor
Grazing Permittee
Initiated 03/05/04 Pending
CO-100-2004-061 EA
Minerals - 20 Mile Coal Competitive Lease Application, COC 67514 T5N, R86W, Sec 5; Routt County
R. ErnstNoneTwentymile Coal Co.
Initiated 06/24/04
Approved 02/25/05
CO-100-2004-063 DNAMinerals - Pesticide Application to Control Noxious Weeds; T12N,R97-101W; T11N, R97,98, and 101W; Moffat CountyG. KulikNoneQuestar Market Group
Initiated 07/01/04  ON HOLD
CO-100-2004-080 EARange - Grazing Renewal Allotment #4314, Deer Valley; T7N, R101W, Portions of Secs. 10, 11, & 14; Vermillion Flats Allotment #4338 & N. Zenobia Cr. #4339; T10N, R102W, Secs. 16, 20, 21, 22, 24, 27, 28, & 33; T8N, R102W, Secs. 15, 16, & 22; Moffat CountyM. EspilNoneGrazing PermitteeInitiated 08/26/04
Approved 04/11/06
CO-100-2004-088 EARange - Grazing Renewal Coal Bank Draw Allotment #4056; T12N, R89W; Moffat CountyM. EspilNoneGrazing Permittee
Initiated 09/10/04
Approved 10/21/05
CO-100-2004-090 DNARange - Grazing Renewal Copper Ridge Allotment #4122; T7N, R84-85W, Portions of Sec. 29-30; Routt CountyM. EspilNoneGrazing Permittee
Initiated 09/10/04
Approved 02/18/05
CO-100-2004-091 DNARange - Grazing Renewal Lower Moody Gulch Allotment #4126; T4-5N, R91-92W; Moffat CountyM. EspilNoneGrazing Permittee
Initiated 09/10/04
Approved 02/03/06
CO-100-2004-092 DNARange - Grazing Renewal South Fork W.F. Allotment #4139; T3N, R90W, Secs. 1, 10-15, 23-26, 36; T3N, R89W, Secs. 6, 19, 29, 30, & 31; Moffat CountyM. EspilNoneGrazing PermitteeInitiated 09/10/04
Approved 12/01/05

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