Colorado River Valley Field Office NEPA Register

Current Actions – (February 5, 2015) 

If you are requiring an update or project information, please feel free to contact the Colorado River Valley Field Office at (970) 876-9000 to request a copy. Thanks!

CX = Categorical Exclusion
CX (390) = Categorical Exclusion (Statutory)
DNA = Documentation of NEPA Adequacy and Land Use Plan Conformance
EA = Environmental Assessment
EIS = Environmental Impact Statement

For more information on NEPA requirements, contact the NEPA Coordinator at (970) 876-9000.

Bureau of Land Management
2300 River Frontage Road
Silt, Colorado 81652

All Field Office NEPA registers contain current EIS and EA actions. However, certain registers do not include CXs or DNAs. Inquiries about these documents can be obtained by contacting the appropriate Field Office NEPA Coordinator, or by visiting their Field Office public room.

The listing of WSA (Wilderness Study Area), ACEC (Area of Critical Environmental Concern), WSR (Wild and Scenic River ), or WA (Wilderness Area) in this column indicates that the proposed action is within that special designation area.

Most projects also include National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) Section 106 compliance.  This register serves as scoping for both NEPA and NHPA compliance. The Colorado River Valley Field Office also uses public participation to meet the requirements under Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA).  Information about historic and cultural resources potentially affected by a proposed action helps identify impacts to such resources in the context of both NEPA and Section 106 of the NHPA. 




Before submitting written comments regarding a NEPA action, be advised that your entire comment—including personally identifiable information (such as your address, phone number, and e-mail address)—may be made publicly available at any time. While you can request that your personally identifiable information be withheld from public review, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to do so.

 NEPA Log for Colorado River Valley Field Office - February 5, 2015

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Previously completed NEPA documents will still be available on this page.  If a NEPA
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NEPA Register please contact the Colorado River Valley Field Office at (970) 876-9000
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NEPA Number
Project Name
Project Leader
CO140-05-006 EA
Lands - Snow Cat Maintenance Facility T4S R87W Section 35; NWNE Eagle
Carole Huey
none none
Flattopers Club
Initiated    10/27/2004 
CO140-05-036 EA
Lands - Right-of-Way Reservation COC-68424 for the North Derby Trailhead. Trailhead includes hitching racks, information boards, fencing, parking for twenty vehicles and 6-8 horse trailers. T2S R86W Secs 1,12 Eagle
Carole Huey
None None
White River National Forest
Initiated    1/25/2005 
CO140-06-007 EA
Lands - Issue right-of-way to improve and use .7 miles of access road N2NW, Section 19, T4SR85W, 6th PM Eagle
Carole Huey
Ron Pirnie
Initiated    10/19/2005 
CO140-06-054 EA
Lands - Proposed enlargement of "Porter Ditch" through amendment of right-of-way COC50756 Sections 34, 35, 36, T6SR90W, and Section 1, T7SR90W, 6th PM Garfield
Carole Huey
None None
Bill Porter
Initiated    2/7/2006 
CO140-07-151 EA
Lands - COC-071413: Water divsersion, 5x5 - 8ft deep pond, and 30 foot buried pipeline for irrigation of approximately 7 acres. T5S R85W SECTION 15, LOT 7. Eagle
Carole Huey
None None
RG and Eileen Jacobs
Initiated    8/6/2007 
CO140-08-100 EA
Lands - COC72987 / Anvil Points Road: Proposal is to issue a right-of-way for a road approximatley 8 miles in length to access the Anvil Points Communication Site, and additionally authorize the Comm Site. "Anvil Points Road"
T6S, R95W, SECTIONS 12, 13,
Carole Huey
Anvil Points ACEC None
Garfield County Colorado
Initiated    6/3/2008 
CO140-08-101 CX
Lands - COCxxxxxx / Proposal to improve existing access (COC2124 Holy Cross Energy access road) to access private parcel. T7S, R88W SEC 20 SESE Garfield
Carole Huey
None None
Mushroom Rock Partnership, LLC
Initiated    6/3/2008 
CO140-08-105 CX
Lands - COC72670: Road Reconstruction to access private property. BLM Road #8120 T5S R91W SEC 28 Garfield
Carole Huey
None None
S&S Land Company, LLC
Initiated    6/6/2008 
DOI-BLM-CO-N040-2009-0038 EA
Lands - Welsh Reservoir Rehabilitation: Convert a Pre-FLPMA right-of-way grant to a Title V FLPMA Grant and rehabilitation enlargement of Welsh Reservoir. T3S, R84W SEC. 13 Eagle
Carole Huey
None None
Piney Valley Ranches Trust
Initiated    1/6/2009 
DOI-BLM-CO-N040-2009-0083 EA
Range - Permit Issuance on the Vulcan Allotment. T5S, R90W Sec 35 & 36; T6S, R90W Sec 3, 4, 5, 8 & 9. Garfield
Monte Senor
None None
Grazing Permittee

Initiated    5/11/2009 Cancelled

DOI-BLM-CO-N040-2009-0089 EA
Lands - COC72987: Anvil Points Communicatoin Site & Access Road. Site was originally authorized by DOE, before land transferred to BLM. T6S R95W SECTIONS 12, 13, 17-19, and 24. Garfield
Carole Huey
Garfield County
Initiated    5/26/2009 
DOI-BLM-CO-N040-2009-0090 EA
Lands - COCxxxxx: Install structure for water control, and buried pipeline in an existing ditch. T4&5 S R92W SEC 4 Garfield
Carole Huey
None None
Craig Wilcox
Initiated    6/4/2009 
DOI-BLM-CO-N040-2010-0010 CX (390)
Lands - 4 " produced water buried pipeline, crossing Helmer Gulch MPD area. T6S R93W, sec 29, Garfield
DJ Beaupeurt
None None
Initiated    10/29/2009 
DOI-BLM-CO-N040-2010-0039 CX (390)
Oil & Gas - Existing DOE Pad Expansion, 21 new federal wells, 4 fee wells. T6S, R95W, Sec 20 Garfield
Rebecca Beavers
None None
Williams Production RMT Company
Initiated    2/26/2010 
DOI-BLM-CO-N040-2010-0044 EA
Range - Grazing permit issuance and change in allotment boundary of the Possum Creek Allotment Garfield
Monte Senor
None None
Initiated    3/8/2010 Cancelled 
DOI-BLM-CO-N040-2010-0053 CX (390)
Oil & Gas - SCX on existing pad, 6 new wells. t6s, r95w, section 29 Garfield
Rebecca Beavers
None None
Williams RMT Production
Initiated    4/27/2010 
DOI-BLM-CO-N040-2010-0070 CX
Lands - COC70318 Amendment: Phase I trail section Wolcott to Eagle (3300 feet), and Phase II Edwards to Wolcott (1500 feet) sections. T4S R83W SEC 23, 25 & 26 Eagle
Carole Huey
Eagle County
Initiated    7/1/2010 
DOI-BLM-CO-N040-2010-0082 CX
Range Transfers - Grazing Transfer on Beaver Mamm allotment T6&7S R93W several sections Garfield
Isaac Pittman
None None
Grazing Permittee
Intiated    8/2/2010 Cancelled
DOI-BLM-CO-N040-2010-0083 CX
Lands - COC74487: Eagle Garfield
Carole Huey
None None
Deep Creek Ranch, LLP
Initiated    8/4/2010 
DOI-BLM-CO-N040-2010-0088 EA
Fuels - Sheep Gulch Fuels Reduction Project
Project consists of a mix of prescribed fire, mechanical treatment, and hand cutting/piling/burniong piles T4S, R86W, Sections 13, 14, 15, 22, 23, 24 Eagle
Ody Anderson
Initiated    8/25/2010 
DOI-BLM-CO-N040-2010-0092 EA
Oil & Gas - A14OU & D14OU - 2 existing well pads, fee surface drilling into federal minerals. T8S, R96W, Section 14 (A14OU)
T8S, R96W, Section 14 (D14OU) Mesa
Rebecca Beavers
None None
EnCana Natural Gas
Initiated    9/21/2010 
DOI-BLM-CO-N040-2011-0018 EA
Range - Grazing permit renewal and transfer on the Porcupine Common, Spruce Gulch, and JQS Common allotments. Porcupine Common - T7S R94W sec 1, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15 & T6S R94W sec 36.
Spruce Gulch - T7S R94W sec 3, 4, 9, 15, 16.
JQS Common - T5 & 6S R94
Isaac Pittman
None None
Grazing Permittee
Initiated    11/1/2010 Cancelled 
DOI-BLM-CO-N040-2011-0023 CX (390)
Oil & Gas - Temporary Surface Lines (Gas and Water) to the PA 22-21 pad. T6S, R95W, Section 21 Garfield
Rebecca Beavers
None None
Williams Production RMT
Initiated    11/2/2010 
DOI-BLM-CO-N040-2011-0074 DNA

Range Transfers - Transfer Grazing Preference on Harris Gulch, SW Rifle Creek and Hayden allotments. T4S R93W sec 4-9, 17, 19, 30

T4S R94W sec 13, 24 Garfield
Isaac PittmanNone NoneGrazing PermitteeInitiated    4/21/2011 Cancelled 
DOI-BLM-CO-N040-2011-0076 EAOil & Gas - Parcel 6069, November 2011 Oil and Gas Lease Sale T8S, R97W, Sec. 14, 6th PM MesaAllen CrockettNone NoneBLM Colorado State OfficeInitiated    4/25/2011 
DOI-BLM-CO-N040-2011-0082 CX (390)Oil & Gas - Proposal to Install a Temporary Surface Pipeline along the Existing Enterprise Pipeline Corridor in the Northwest Orchard Area T8S, R97W, Section 11, NW¼SE¼ and Section 12, S½NW¼, Sixth Principal Meridian GarfieldJim ByersNone NoneEncana Oil & Gas (USA) Inc.Initiated    5/13/2011 
DOI-BLM-CO-N040-2011-0090 EAWildlife - Cave and Mine Management to Help Prevent the Spread of White-nose Syndrome in Bats Various throughout the FO Eagle Garfield Mesa Pitkin Rio Blanco RouttBrian HopkinsField Office Wide Field Office WideNoneInitiated 6/22/2011
DOI-BLM-CO-N040-2011-0093 EIS PlanningLands - Draft Resource Management Plan / Draft Environmental Impact Statement CRVFO Field Office excluding Roan Plateau except for WSR determinations Eagle Garfield Mesa Pitkin Rio Blanco RouttJohn Russell Bureau of Land ManagementInitiated    6/28/2011 
DOI-BLM-CO-N040-2011-0098 EA

Minerals - Transfer Trail Road and Trailhead Construction.

Road improvements for Limestone Mine operational needs. T5S R89W Sec 36 and T6S R89W Sec 4 Garfield
Pauline AdamsNone NoneCalX MineralsInitiated 7/8/2011
DOI-BLM-CO-N040-2011-0108 CX 

Lands - COC30057: renewal of communication site at Monument Peak

T4S R94W S11 Garfield

Carole HueyNone  NonePublic Service Company of ColoradoInitiated    9/7/2011 
DOI-BLM-CO-N040-2011-0109 CX 

Lands - COC74461A: Rehabilitation of trespass (household garbage) to restore the land to its natural or original condition.

S1/2 SEC 3, T6S R90W Garfield 

Carole Huey None  NoneCity Of Glenwood SpringsInitiated    9/7/2011   

Upper Garfield and Alkali Creek Allotments

T6S R90W Sec 15, 21, 22, 27, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34; T6S R91W Sec 25 & 36; T7S R90W Sec 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 16 & 17; T7S R91W Sec 12 & 13.

Monte SenorNone None Grazing Permittee

Initiated 10/11/2011 Cancelled



Permit Renewal for Harris Park

T5S R90W Sec 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, & 30; T5S R91W Sec 24

Monte SenorNone NoneGrazing Permittee

Initiated 10/11/2011 Cancelled


Canyon Creek (08228) Permit Renewal

5S 90W Sec 1, 2, & 12

Monte SenorNone NoneGrazing PermitteeInitiated 10/11/2011 Cancelled

C-36816 Amendment: A consumer is requiring additional power to its service, and Holy Cross needs to add a three phase aerial line off of the existing single phased line.

T7S R88W sectionn 7

Carole HueyNone NoneHoly Cross EnergyInitiated 11/1/2011

Grazing permit renewal for the Harris Gulch, SW Rifle Creek, and Hayden allotments.

T4S R93W Sec 4-9, 16-17, 19-21, 30
T4S R94W Sec 13, 24

Isaac PittmanNone NoneGrazing PermitteeInitiated 11/2/2011 Cancelled

COC75203: Applicant is applying for a film permit, to film hunting mule deer in CDOW Units 35 & 36.

CDOW Hunting Units 35 & 36, Eagle County CO.

Carole HueyNone NoneAdam BronsonInitiated 11/7/2011

Grazing permit renewal on the Bull Gulch grazing allotment. 08625

T. 3, S., R., 85 W.

Everett Bartz

Bull Gulch (WSA & ACEC)

Bull Gulch (WSA & ACEC)

Grazing PermitteeInitiated 12/1/2011 Cancelled

Heuschkel Allotment Grazing permit issuance and allotment boundary adjustment

T7S R87W Sec 7

Monte SenorNone NoneGrazing PermitteeInitiated 12/6/2011 Cancelled

Permit Renewal, Mooney, S Mckeen Creek, Moniger Ridge 1 and Mckeen Creek

T., 3 S., R., 87 W., Section 10, 11, 13, 34 & 36.  T., 3 S., R., 86 W., Section 1. T., 4 S., R., 97 W., Section 1 & 3.

Everett BartzNone NoneSchlegel Ranch Partnership, LTDInitiated 2/8/2012 Cancelled

Permit renewal on South McKeen Creek, McKeen Creek, Moniger Ridge 1 and Mooney allotments.

T., 3 S., R., 87 W., Sections 10, 11, 13, 34 and 36.
T., 3 S., R., 86 W., Section   1  and
T., 4 S., R., 87 W., Sections 1 and 3.

Everett BartzNone NoneSchlegel Ranch PArtnershipInitiated 3/23/2012 Cancelled

Eagle County Request for Day Use Picnic Trail (Dotsero Landing) and Boat Ramp (Rare Duck Ponds) construction on adjacent BLM public lands.

T 5S, R86W, sec. 3 and 5.

Kimberly MillerNone NoneEagle CountyInitiated 6/21/2012

Rock Creek Road ROW (COC-075544)

T1S R83W Sec 8 W2SE

Monte SenorNone NoneHighland Springs RanchInitiated 7/9/2012

Proposal to Drill 2 Federal Wells From New KPS 22-1 Pad Located on State Land in Baldy Creek Area South of New Castle , Colorado.

T7S R91W, Section 1, SE¼NW¼. Sixth P.M.

Jim ByersNone NoneWPX Energy Rocky Mountain LLCInitiated 11/6/2012

Grazing permit renewal on Wheelock Individual Large allotment.

T., 2 S.,  R., 84 W.

Everett BartzNone NoneGrazing PermitteeInitiated 12/5/2012

Proposal to Drill Eight New Federal Wells from the Existing I27W Well Pad in Gant Gulch, Garfield County.

Township 7 South (T7S), Range 93 West (R93W),
Section 27, NE¼SE¼, Sixth Principal Meridian.

Allen CrockettNone NoneEncana Oil & Gas (USA) Inc.Initiated 12/11/2012

Grazing Permit Renewal on the Simpson-Nichols Allotment

T4S R94W Sec 11-14

Isaac PittmanNone NoneGrazing PermitteeInitiated 12/18/2012

King/Black Mtn. Project

T1S R84W Sec 4,5,6,7,8,9,16-19,22,23,26,27-30,32-35.
T1S R85W Sec13,24,25.
T1N R84W Sec 20,22,27,28,30-33.

Rusty Stark

King/Black Mtns

King/Black Mtns

BLMInitiated 1/10/2013

USGS Research Bore Hole

T4S R83W Sec 3

Monte SenorNone NoneUSGSInitiated 1/14/2013

Mastication/fuels redution adjacent to cedar springs ranch subdivision

T7S R93W Sec. 22,23,24,25,26,27,34,35,36

T8S R93W Sec. 1,2

Rusty Stark

None NoneBLMInitiated 1/22/2013

Trail Running Extreme (TREX); Special Recreation Permit; New Application

T5S R93W sec. 25, 26 and 36

Kimberly MillerNone NoneTrail Running Extreme (TREX)Initiated 3/4/2013

Pool Ice Rink reroute, project will rehab ersion and rutting caused by fall-line trail and replsace with a sustainable route.

T5S R84W Sections 2 – 4

Greg WolfgangNone NoneBLM and Town of EagleInitiated 5/15/2013

Sunnyside/Rodeo Greater Sage-Grouse Habitat Improvement Project

T2S R85W Sec. 11,12

Sylvia Ringer

Blue Hill (ACEC)

Blue Hill (ACEC)

BLMInitiated 5/31/2013

Encana proposes to drill 2 new Federal horizontal wells on the existing J14OU well pad.

T8S R96W Sec. 14 NWSE

Christine CimilucaNone NoneEncana Oil & Gas (USA) Inc.Initiated 7/8/2013

Encana Orchard Horizontal Centralized Plan of Development

T7S R96W and T8S R96W

Christine CimilucaNone NoneEncana Oil & Gas (USA) IncInitiated 8/5/2013
DOI-BLM-CO-N040-2013-0115-DNALaSunder Cave Work TripChad Mickschl

Deep Creek (ACEC)

Deep Creek (ACEC)

Colorado Cave SurveyInitiated 8/15/2013

Crown Photo shoot

T8S R 87W Sec 20 and 29

Monte SenorNone NoneTyler StablefordInitiated 10/29/2013

Grazing permit renewal on West Castle, River-Catamount, Sunnyside Individual, Deer Pen and Newcomer allotments

West Castle: T., 3 S., R., 84 W., All/part sections: 5 - 8, 16 - 21.  River Catamount: T., 2 S., R., 84 W., All/part sections 7, 8, 16 - 20.  And T., 2 S., R., 85 W., 12 and 13.  Sunnyside Ind. ^T., 2 S., R., 85 w., All/part sections 2 -5, 10 and 11.

Everett Bartz

Bull Gulch (WSA & ACEC)

Bull Gulch (WSA & ACEC)

Grazing PermitteeInitiated 11/4/2013

LaSunder Cave Management Plan Amendment

In conformance with the Federal Cave Resources Protection Act of 1988 (FCRPA), the exact cave location will not be disclosed in this EA. The cave is located approximately 3 miles NW of Dotsero, CO within the Deep Creek drainage.

Kimberly Miller

Deep Creek (ACEC)

Deep Creek (ACEC)

Colorado Cave SurveyInitiated 11/6/2013

3D Seismic Video Film Permit

T6S R95W sec 29-32; T6S R96W sec 16-23, 25-36; T7S R95W sec 5-7; T7S R96W sec 1-6, 8-17, 19-36; T7S R97W sec 36; T8S R96W sec 26; T8S R97W sec 1.


Monte SenorNone NoneGreen River Energy Resources, Inc.Initiated 12/9/2013

Grazing permit renewal for livestock grazing on West Harscrable Allotment 08504 and Red Hill Common.

West Hardscrabble: T., 5 S., R., 85 W., all/part sections 1, 2, 8 - 17, 20 - 28, 32 - 36.  T., 5 S., R., 84 W., all/part sections 5 - 9, 16 - 20, 30 and 31.  Red Hill: T., 5 S., R., 85 W., Sections 6, 7, 18, 30 and 31.  T., 6 S., R., 85 W., part 6. Cont.

Everett Bartz Grazing PermitteeInitiated 12/31/2013

Drive com, Diamond Flats, Prince Creek, N Thompson Crk Com, Potato Bill,

T8SR87WSec32:T6S R89WSec13,28 & T7S R89W Sec 4,5,9: T8SR88WSec13: T8S R89W Sec 1,12,13,24,25,26,35,36: T8SR88WSec 35,36

Kristy WallnerNone NoneGrazing PermitteeInitiated 1/8/2014

Grazing permit transfer on the Ute Creek Allotment number 08707.  The new permittee has leased the base property for the grazing permit.  The Ute Creek Allotment surrounds a public land fill.

T., 3 S., R., 87 W., all/part sections 10 - 13, 34 & 36.
T., 3 S., R., 86 W., all/part section 1
T., 4 S., R., 87 W., all/part sections 1 & 3.

Everett BartzNone NoneGrazing PermitteeInitiated 1/16/2014
DOI-BLM-CO-N040-2014-0020-EA2014 Power Transmission ROW Renewals #1Monte SenorNone NoneROW HoldersInitiated 1/24/2014

Grazing permit renewal on Wolcott (No. 08702), Piney Creek (No. 08701) State Bridge (No. 08706 and Piney (No. 07577)  allotments.

Wolcott: T., 3 S., R., 83 W., all/part sections; 15, 18, 22, 26 - 35.  T., 4 S., R., 83 W., part of Section 3.  State Bridge: T., 2 S., R., 83 W., All/part 16, 17, 20 - 22, 25 - 29, 31 - 36. T., 3 S., R., 83 W., all/part sections 1 & 2.  Piney: T., 2 S., R., 82 W., all/part 19, 30 and 31. And Piney Creek: T., 3 S., R., 82 W., all part section 8.

Isaac PittmanNone NoneGrazing PermitteeInitiated 1/27/2014

Transfer of grazing permit on the Ute Creek Allotment to a new permittee who has leased the base property for a 3-year period.

Adjacent to Wolcott CO.  T. 3 S., R., 83 W.,  part of section 35.  T., 4 S., R., 83 W., all/part sections 1 - 3, 10 - 15 and 23.

Everett BartzNone NoneGrazing PermitteeInitiated 1/29/2014
DOI-BLM-CO-N040-2014-0028-CX2014 Phone and Fiber Renewal#1Monte SenorNone NoneROW HoldersInitiated 1/31/2014
DOI-BLM-CO-N040-2014-0029-CXCOC 72156 permit renewalMonte SenorNone NonePermit HolderInitiated 2/3/2014

COC 63242 Commsite Amendment

T6S R89W sec 11

Monte SenorNone NoneROW HolderInitiated 2/3/2014

Transfer grazing preference on JQS allotment

T5S R94W several sections

Isaac PittmanNone NoneGrazing PermitteeInitiated 2/3/2014

Transfer grazing preference from Malcolm Jolley to Zane Farris on the Canyon Creek Allotment #08207.

T5S, R90W Garfield County, CO

Hjalmar SandbergNone NoneZane FarrisInitiated 2/6/2014

Grazing Preference transfer on the JQS Common allotment

T5S R94W several sections

Isaac PittmanNone NoneGrazing PermitteeInitiated 2/6/2014

Transfer of grazing preference from Malcolm Jolley to Zane Farris on the Paradise Creek Allotment #08212.

T6S, R90W Garfield County, Colorado

Hjalmar SandbergNone NoneZane FarrisInitiated 2/6/2014

Grazing preference transfer on JQS Common allotment

T5S R94W several sections

Issac PittmanNone NoneGrazing PermitteeInitiated 2/26/2014

Commercial and Organized Group River Recreation Permit Holders, Special Recreation Permit (SRP) Renewals and New Permits

Bureau of Land Management public lands and related waters within the Colorado River Valley Field Office.

Kimberly Miller

Bull Gulch (WSA & ACEC)

Bull Gulch (WSA & ACEC)

Numerous SRP Permit Holders and New ApplicationsInitiated 2/27/2014

Transfer of the grazing preference for the Simpson & Nichols allotment #18022.

T4S, R94, 6th Principal Meridian, Garfield County, Colorado.

HP SandbergNone NoneBase property ownerInitiated 4/15/2014

Natural Gas Pipeline ROW Renewal

T. 6S., R. 93 W., Sec. 5, Lot 10

Julie McGrewNone NonePublic Service Company of Colorado/Xcel EnergyInitiated 4/23/2014

Transfer grazing perference due base property lease by applicant with Eagle Wilderness Ranch, LLC

T4S 87W SEC 21,22,23,26,27,28


Kristy Wallner

Deep Creek (ACEC)

Deep Creek (ACEC)

Josh FitzsimmonsInitiated 5/2/2014

Issue grazing permit  due to transfer and base property lease. 7% public land

T4S R87W Sec 21,22,23,26,27,28

Kristy Wallner

Deep Creek (ACEC)

Deep Creek (ACEC)

Grazing PermitteeInitiated 5/2/2014
DOI-BLM-CO-N040-2014-0078-CXCatamount Pole relocationMonte SenorNone NoneYampa Valley ElectricInitiated 5/19/2014
DOI-BLM-CO-N040-2014-0079-CXShoshone to Hopkins pole replacementMonte SenorNone NonePublic ServiceInitiated 5/19/2014
DOI-BLM-CO-N040-2014-0080-CXTri-State Pole replacementMonte SenorNone NoneTri-StateInitiated 5/19/2014
DOI-BLM-CO-N040-2014-0081-CXAccess to Irrigation PumpMonte SenorNone NoneKevin CooterInitiated 5/19/2014

Grazing permit renewal.

Bambi Allotment: T., 1 S., R., 83 W., all/part sec.: 4, 5, 7-9, 17, 18, 21, 27, 28 and 34.  Copper Spur Allotment: T., 1 S., R., 83 W., all/part sec.: 26, 27, 34 and 35.  Horn Allotment: T., 1 S., R., 83 W., all/part sec.: 1, 2, 10-15, 22-24, 26, 28-30.

Everett BartzNone NoneHorn and Copper Spur Grazing LeaseeInitiated 5/21/2014

New ATV/UTV Commercial Special Recreation Permit for Marmot’s Mountain Adventures

Transfer Trail T5S, R89W; T5S, R88W

Kimberly Miller

Glenwood Springs Debris Flow Hazard Zone (ACEC)

Glenwood Springs Debris Flow Hazard Zone (ACEC)


Marmot's Mountain AdventuresInitiated 7/31/2014

Drill 12 Federal Wells from Existing MV 34-5 Pad and Realign the Riley Gulch Access Road Located on BLM Northwest of Parachute, Colorado

Township 7 South, Range 96 West, Sections 4, 5, 8, 9, Sixth P.M.

Jim ByersNone NoneWPX Energy Rocky Mountain LLCInitiated 8/13/2014

Uncle Bob Mtn Road

T7S, R91W Sec. 32
T8S, R91W Sec.5678

Rusty StarkNone NoneBLMInitiated 8/27/2014

Roaring Fork Hazard Fuel Reduction Project

T7S, R87W Sec. 11,14,23,26,35

Rusty StarkNone NoneBLMInitiated 8/27/2014

Cedar Springs II Vegeation Treatment

T7S R92W Sec 32,33
T8S R92W Sec 4,5,6,7,8,9,16,17,18
T7S R92W Sec 29,30,31,32

Sylvia RingerNone NoneBLMInitiated 9/17/2014

2D geophysical survey of federal oil and gas leases using vibroseis vehicles

Portions of T1S R2E, T11S R97W, T12S R 95W, T2S R2E, and T12S R98W -- Generally east of US50 southeast of Grand Junction, CO, in the Whitewater Area.  Area is within Grand Junction Field Office boundaries.

Allen CrockettNone NoneFram AmericasInitiated 10/24/2014

Renew grazing permits on the East Fork allotment

T5S R94W, T5S R95W, T6S R95W several sections on the Roan Plateau

Isaac PittmanNone NoneGrazing PermitteeInitiated 10/24/2014


Reroute Rio Grand Connection

T8S R87W Section 4

Greg WolfgangNone NoneBLMInitiated 10/29/2014

The Greenspeed Projects, LLC dba Eagle Outside Festival Special Recreation Permit Amendment and Colorado High School Cycling League Special Recreation Permit Issuance

Bureau of Land Management public lands within T 5S, R 85W; T 5S, R 84W; T 4S, R84W.

Kimberly MillerNone NoneThe Greenspeed Projects, LLC and Colorado High School Cycling LeagueInitiated 10/29/2014

Grazing permit renewals on W. Hardscrabble, Red Hill, Greenhorn, and Upper Cottonwood allotments.

T4&5S R85W
Gypsum area

Isaac PittmanNone NoneGrazing PermitteeInitiated 11/4/2014

BHP Microseismic Study for HDU 9-41AH horizontal well

Portions of T8S R98W

Allen CrockettNone NoneBlack Hills ProductionNEPA Cancelled (Casual Use)

Grazing permit for Upper Coffeepot allotment

T4S R87W sections 21,22,23, 26,27,28


K. Wallner

Deep Creek (ACEC)

Deep Creek (ACEC)

Grazing PermitteeInitiated 11/12/2014

Cook Ridge Ponds

T5S R94W sec 7-8

Isaac PittmanNone NoneGrazing PermitteeInitiated 11/18/2014

Proposal to Install Natural Gas Pipelines and Water Pipelines on BLM and Private Land West of the Town of DeBeque.


Julie McGrew

Pyramid Rock

Pyramid Rock

Red Rock Gathering Company, LLCInitiated 11/24/2014

Grazing permit renewal on the Lookout Mtn (#08313) allotment

T6S R89W Sec 1,2,3,10,11,12,13,14,15,22,23,24,25,26
T6S R88W Sec 1,18,19

K. WallnerNone NoneGrazing PermitteeInitiated 12/3/2014

Grazing permit renewal on the Harris Park (#8209) allotment

T5S R90W Sec 17,18,19,20,21,29,30 & T5S R91W Sec 24

K. WallnerNone NoneGrazing PermitteeInitiated 12/3/2014

Grazing permit renewal

T1S R85W Sec 1-3, 10-15, 23 & T1S R84W Sec 4-9, 16-18

K. WallnerNone NoneGrazing PermitteeInitiated 12/3/2014

Transfer of SW Rifle Creek #18016, Harris Gulch #18013 and Hayden #08015 allotments to new permittee.

T4S, R93 & 94W Garfield County, Colorado

Hjalmar SandbergNone NoneGrazing PermitteeInitiated 12/4/2014

DeBeque Southwest Master Development Plan (MDP), including the Winter Flats, Whittaker Flats, and Horseshoe Canyon Federal Units.  Includes up to 20 well pads.

Portions of T9S, R97W to R100W


Julia Christiansen

Pyramid Rock ACEC

Pyramid Rock ACEC

Black Hills Exploration & ProductionInitiated 12/15/2014

Homer Deep EA.  Westward expansion of existing oil and gas development by BH along County Road 200.

Portions of T7S and T8S, R98W and R99W in the Homer Deep Federal Unit.

Julia ChristiansenNone NoneBlack Hills Exploration & ProductionInitiated 12/15/2014

Lookout Mountain Communication Site Hazardous Fuels Reduction

T6S., R89W., Sec11

Rusty Starks

Glenwood Springs Debris Flow Hazard Zone (ACEC)

Glenwood Springs Debris Flow Hazard Zone (ACEC)

BLMInitiated 12/16/2014

Cedar Mountain Fuels Reduction.

T24S, R92W, sections 29, 30, 31, 32 and T4S, R93W, sections 25 and 36

Hilary BoydNone NoneBLMInitiated 12/19/2014

Grazing permit renewal on the Bowen Isolated Tract Allotment

T4S R92W Sec 1-2

Isaac Pittman None NoneGrazing PermitteeInitiated 1/9/2015
DOI-BLM-CO-N040-2015-0031-CX (390)

Jolley Mesa Natural Gas Pipeline

T6S R91W Sec 21 NWSE, NW, W2SW, Sec 20 E2SE, 6th P.M.

Jim ByersNone NoneCoachman Energy Operating CompanyInitiated 1/11/2015

Abrams Creek Cattleguard

T5S R84W sec 30 SENW

Isaac PittmanNone NoneGrazing PermitteeInitiated 1/12/2015

 Master Development Plans for Oil and Gas (Formerly known as Geographic Area Plans)

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