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Grand Junction Field Office NEPA Register


(Updated 10/2/14)
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Completed NEPA Documents

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NEPA NumberProject NameProject LeaderApplicant/               Document preparerLocationStatus

Realty: WEPIIErin Jones      970-244-3008Enterprise/BLMDouglas Pass, CODecision Signed
DOI-BLM-CO-130-2013-0031-EARange: Chevron Permit Renewal EA

Jacob Martin

 BLM De Beque, CODecsions Signed 11/7/13
DOI-BLM-CO-130-2014-0006-DNAMinerals: Black Hills Exploratory Proposal - Amended COAs (pads HDU 9-41, HDU 9-11)Julia Christiansen 970-244-3093Black Hills De Beque, COConclusion Signed 11/26/13
DOI-BLM-CO-160-2013-0001-EAWildlife: Rangewide Bighorn Sheep StudyNikki Grant-Hoffman          970-244-3020; Heidi Plank     970-244-3012Colorado Parks and Wildlife and BLMDENCA, GJFO, and MCNCA

Decision Signed 12/6/13

DOI-BLM-CO-130-2013-0027-EAWildlife: Wildlife Water Catchments Heidi Plank     970-244-3012Colorado Parks and Wildlife and BLMGJFO, MCNCADecision Signed 2/6/14
DOI-BLM-CO-130-2014-0016-DNAFuels: Glade Park Fuels Treatment

Jeff Phillips

BLMGlade Park, COConclusion Signed 3/13/14
DOI-BLM-CO-134-2013-0006-CXRecreation: Teacher TrailShane Dittlinger    970-244-3040BLMMCNCADecision Signed 4/1/14
DOI-BLM-CO-130-2014-0021-DNARealty: HDU Gas Gathering Pipeline ROWOneita Potter 970-244-3036Red Rock Gathering Co./ BLMDry Fork RoadConclusion Signed 5/27/14
DOI-BLM-CO-130-2014-0017-DNARealty: HDU Water Pipeline ROWOneita Potter 970-244-3036Black Hills Plateau Production/EdgeDry Fork RoadConclusion Signed 5/27/14
DOI-BLM-CO-130-2014-0009-DNARiparian: Indian Creek RestorationChristina Stark            970-244-3027BLM6th PM, T13S, R98W; Ute PM, T3S, R2E.Conclusion Signed 5/30/14
DOI-BLM-CO-CON-2014-0001-CXRecreation: Grand Mesa Jeep Club Rock JunctionAlex Reeves 970-244-3053Grand Mesa Jeep Club/BLMGJFO, WFO, UFO, MOABDecision Signed 6/2/14
DOI-BLM-CO-130-2012-0034-EARealty: SBA-Sunlight Road/Clay ROWsChristina Stark 970-244-3027SBA Comm. & Donald Clay/ BLMUte PM,  T2S, R1W, sec.6Decision Signed 6/6/14
DOI-BLM-CO-130-2012-0003-EAMinerals: Whitewater Unit Master Development PlanJulia Christiansen  970-244-3093/ Edge Environmental 303-988-8844Fram Americas Operating, LLC/ Edge EnvironmentalWhitewater/ Grand Mesa Slopes Colorado

Decision Signed 6/13/14

DOI-BLM-CO-130-2014-0025-DNARealty: New Cingular Wireless PCS Road ROWOneita Potter 970-244-3036New Cingular Wireless PCS/ BLM De Beque, COConclusion Signed 6/17/14
DOI-BLM-CO-130-2014-0012-CXRecreation: Epic Rides GJ Off-Road Mt Bike Race Aug 29,30,31 2014 Chris Pipkin    970-244-3024 Epic Rides/BLM Bangs Canyon Decision Signed 7/3/14
DOI-BLM-CO-130-2014-0015-EAFuels: Whitewater Creek Hazardous Fuels Reduction Jeff Phillips     970-244-3040 BLM 8 miles east of Whitewater. 1.5 miles north of Lands End Rd.Decision Signed 7/14/14
DOI-CO-130-2014-0002-EAO&G: APD for OXY well Shell 797-HN1 on existing pad/road    Julia Christiansen
OXY/BLM6th PM, T7S R97W, sec 9, Tract 94, NENW                   9 mi N of De Beque ColoDecision Signed 7/3/14
DOI-BLM-CO-130-2014-0029-CXO&G: 15 Federal Wells on Existing Private PadJulia Christiansen        970-244-3093Piceance Energy/BLM6th PM, T9S, R93W, sec 25Decision Signed 7/10/14
DOI-BLM-CO-130-2013-0030-EALands: De Beque Pipeline Project (Produced Water Pipeline/NG pipeline/fresh water pipeline)Wayne Werkmeister
Black Hills/ Red Rock Gathering/ Blue Stone - CRVFODe Beque, CO

Environmental Assessment
Decision Signed 7/28/14

Range: Permit Renewal for TippingJim Dollerschell 970-244-3016Ronald Tipping/BLMGlade Park, COEA/FONSI/Proposed Decision 7/29/14
DOI-BLM-CO-130-2014-0026-DNARange: Collier Allot Permit RenewalScott Clarke   970-244-3017Gunderson Ranch/BLMCollbran, CO

Conclusion Signed 8/8/14

Proposed Decision

DOI-BLM-CO-130-2014-0027-DNARange: Hittle Allot Permit RenewalScott Clarke 970-244-3017Towns/BLM Collbran, CO

Conclusion Signed 8/8/14

Proposed Decision

DOI-BLM-CO-130-2014-0023-EARange: Lyons/Anderson Allot Permit RenewalScott Clarke   970-244-3017Long/BLMDe Beque, COEA/FONSI/Proposed Decision 8/14/14
DOI-BLM-CO-130-2014-0031-EARange: Permit Renewal for Dean PowellJacob Martin 970-244-3081Powell/BLMDe Beque, CO

Environmental Assessment
Decision Signed 9/19/14

DOI-BLM-CO-130-2014-0032-DNAWild Horse:  Wild Horse IntroductionJim Dollerschell 970-244-3016BLMDe Beque, COConclusion Signed 9/23/14
DOI-BLM-CO-130-2014-0022-CXRecreation: CMU Mountain Bike RaceAlex Reeves 970-244-3053CMU/BLMLunch LoopsDecision Signed 9/24/14
DOI-BLM-CO-134-2014-0002-EARange:  28 Hole Allotment Permit RenewalJim Dollerschell 970-244-3016Gore/BLMGlade Park

Environmental Assessment

Proposed Decision Signed 9/30/14