Information On Filing A FOIA Request

Requests for public information do not require a FOIA request. Contact the Colorado Information Access Center to obtain copies of public information.

A FOIA request must be submitted to receive documents identified as "non-public".  Please follow the procedures listed below.
1. When submitting a FOIA request, indicate on the request it is filed under the FOIA.
2. Provide your phone number, E-Mail, home, or business address.
3. Identify the documents you want as accurately as possible.
4. State the maximum amount of fees you are willing to pay; or request that fees be waived and provide justification for waiver.
For more information on FOIA, visit BLM FOIA
To submit FOIA requests electronically, send to:

Submit all other FOIA requests to:
Bureau of Land Management
Colorado State Office
FOIA Coordinator
Youngfield Street
Lakewood, Colorado   80215
FAX:  303-239-3933

Contact:  Deborah Suehr, 303-239-3688
Privacy Act requests are not accepted electronically. Regulations require a signature for such requests. Submit Privacy Act requests to the FOIA Coordinator at the above address.