BLM California and R3C Saddle-Trained Horse Adoption

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Thank you for your interest in the upcoming online adoption! Please note the event is separate from the national Online Corral Adoption.  We are going to conduct the adoption using Zoom. A link will be provided on this page.

We are excited to offer these horses to you!  Like so many things the pandemic affected, our adoption schedule was altered, but the horses’ training was not!  The offenders continued training the horses despite all that was happening outside the jail property. We consider these horses green.  They will need continued training and work once you take one home. They should have a solid foundation to begin training in your discipline of choice. If you experience a rough spot, please feel free to reach out to JP for help. As with all of our horses, we encourage you to stay in touch with us about their progress. Send us photos, videos, or stories about your journey with your horse.

At R3C, one trainer gentles a horse until it is going under saddle. Once the horse has had 15 to 20 rides, then all the other trainers start riding the horse to build riding skills.  Once they can be easily caught, the horses get turned out in groups in the pasture. They are ridden 5 days per week for about an hour at a time.  They can all be bathed.  They are handled by multiple people daily, including female officers: one tacks up, one rides, one bathes, and one grooms. All these horses are trained to side pass, leg yield, drag logs, and move their shoulders or hindquarters. The horses have been roped off of and have been around cows, unless otherwise noted.  All the horses have crossed a trail bridge and water.  All the horses have been worked with upward and downward transitions. They all load in a stock trailer.  They have had their feet handled.  They have been exposed to lots of activity in the area including gunfire, helicopters, airplanes, explosives, bicycles, and dogs. Remember if you take one of these horses home, please keep them confined until they learn your routine and build trust with you.

How to Bid on Horses

To bid on the horses, you need to fill out an application online and email it to  You can get an application here:  

NOTE:  In order to protect your privacy, please do not fill out the Social Security Number or Driver’s License numbers and email the documents, unless you are comfortable encrypting them.  Amy will reach out to you via phone to get that information.  Upon approval, BLM will email you a link to the Zoom call with more information about the process.  Minimum bids for the horses are $300.

These horses are trained and require five-foot tall fencing.  Be sure to read our adoption requirements at the following:

To learn more about the BLM’s Wild horse and Burro Program visit

The Horses

Brown Horse

Ranger. 14025064  Warm Springs, OR 15.1
Ranger is the whole package—a good mind and conformation.   He is pretty unflappable.  This handsome guy did not spook at a lawnmower back firing nor did he care about a low-flying helicopter buzzing him.  Ranger is so good on the ground that the new guys are learning groundwork with Ranger.  He is started in a hackamore. His trainers say he is easy to tack up, good with his feet, does not mind fly spray, and is level-headed.  He has a beautiful lope that his trainers enjoy on the occasional bareback rides they do. He is responsive to cues from the saddle.  He has more whoa than go and needs some encouragement to move forward in the arena.  Outside the arena is where Ranger is happiest.  He moves much more willingly around the ranch or on the obstacle course.  He does not mind going out by himself.  Ranger is a quick learner with a great foundation.  He is a versatile horse with a can-do attitude that would make him successful in many disciplines. Ranger was slated to go to law enforcement, but we learned he has an old injury on one of his eyes.  The vet thought he might have a tiny blind spot in the center of the eye so we opted not to offer him for patrol work.  However, it does not appear to affect him.  Ranger would be good for an intermediate rider who can take him to the next level in his training. See more photos of Ranger.


Brown Horse

Socks 11375773 Meadow Valley Mountains, NV 14.2
Socks was initially slated to go to a mounted patrol unit but he did not meet their height requirement.  Their loss is your gain! Socks is a calm horse that prefers to live life at a slower pace. His ground manners are impeccable.  He is good with bathing, fly spray, tacking up, and having his feet handled.  Under saddle, he is responsive to leg and body cues. He rides in either a bosal or a snaffle. He prefers to be outside the arena and does well in the obstacle course.  Dare we say that he is bomb proof?  Maybe literally because he did not react to bomb testing in the explosive testing facility next to the ranch, even though JP’s own horse did!  Socks has the potential to be a great trail horse.  Socks needs a smaller-statured rider who is at least an advanced beginner. See more photos of Socks.



Brown Horse

Niña 18978101 Devils Garden WHT, CA 14.1
They say good things come in small packages.  That is Niña!  This mare has lots of energy but is very level-headed.  On the ground, she is wonderful and calm, even a smidge lazy.  She bathes, loads, and is good with her feet being handled. Under saddle, she has an excellent work ethic and likes to go, though she can be quiet when you ask her.  She is supple and responsive.  She does well in the obstacle course. She sidepasses and is starting to have self-carriage and collection. Her gaits are very smooth.  She rides in a bosal or a snaffle.  She does not care if she is in the arena or out on the course, she is willing and ready to go.  Niña loves working with cows.  The first time with cows she was a natural.  JP said he was impressed with her talent and thinks she might enjoy sorting. Niña needs at least an intermediate rider because she is quick, not spooky, and very responsive. Think Energizer Bunny!  She also needs a smaller statured rider because she is only 14.1.  She is ready to try almost any discipline.  If you need a partner who likes to go or to work, check out Niña! See more photos of Niña.

Quick Links


Next online auction:

Date: July 14
When: 6:00 – 8:00 pm Pacific Standard Time (we may be finished earlier but wanted to ensure we provided enough time)
Where: Zoom. To participate in the virtual adoption, you must register in advance (details will be posted soon). After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the virtual adoption.
What: Up to 10 saddle started horses
Pick up: July 16 at R3C 12500 Bruceville Road Elk Grove, CA
Applications:  You can fill out an online adoption application at and email it to 
APPLICATION DEADLINE: We are accepting applications until July 13 at 4 pm.

For your safety, please do not include your Social Security number or Driver License number on the application.  Amy will call you to get sensitive information that should not be sent via email.  If you have any questions about the application, please call Amy.

For more information about the adoption or if you have an approved adoption application on file, call Amy at 916-978-4678 or email

For more information about the application please contact Amy at 916-978-4678 or at

For more information about the horses, call JP at 916-882-7317 or email

NOTE: Please check back to this site for updates.