Westside Staging Area - Live Webcam


The Westside Staging Area is the west entrance to South Cow Mountain OHV Area. The Staging Area is open for day use only, however the OHV Area is open 24 hours a day. This camera shows the entrance gate and parking area. After most winter storms, South Cow Mountain OHV Area is closed to vehicles until the soil dries out. Riding and driving on wet trails damages the trails and erodes the soil. That makes maintaining them in good condition for you much more difficult and expensive. If you are coming out to visit the area, be sure to check out the live web cam to see whether the gate is open or closed. Since the web cam puts a new image on the screen every few minutes, this is the best place to check and see if the mountain is open or closed and how busy it is. You can also call (707)468-4000 for the current status of Cow Mountain. We hope you enjoy your visit to South Cow Mountain OHV Area. Please ride and drive responsibly and respect the facilities.

Please check the date and time stamp on the image to ensure the information is current.
If you don't see the image above, it is during the hours when the camera is off-line.