California BLM Wilderness Study Reports.

The following are historical documents for each of the wilderness study areas (WSAs) managed by BLM in the State of California. The documents show the location of the individual WSA, a description of it's wilderness values, and BLM's recommendation for its future suitablity as wilderness as proposed by the Secretary of Interior June 12, 1991. That recommendation was developed after a 15-year wilderness study process by the Department of Interior and BLM. The study considered the WSA's resource values, present and projected future uses of the areas, public input, the manageablility of the areas as wilderness, the environmental consequences of designating or not designating the areas as wilderness, and mineral surveys prepared by the U.S.G.S. and Bureau of Mines.

It is important to note some of these historical documents are no longer applicable. For example, most of the WSAs in the California Desert District were removed from the WSA designation by Congress. The California Desert Protection Act of 1994 either designed them as wilderness and/or released them from the WSA status.

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California Wilderness Study Report
Record of Decision 1991


Volume 1
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Garcia Mountain CA-010-012
Sheep Ridge CA-010-022
Milk Ranch/Case Mountain CA-010-023
Owens Peak CA-010-026
Sacatar Meadows CA-010-027
Rockhouse CA-010-029
Domeland CA-010-032
Caliente Mountain CA-010-042
Plute Cypress CA-010-046
Cerro Gordo CA-010-055
Southern Inyo CA-010-056
Independence Creek CA-010-057
Crater Mountain CA-010-062
Symmes Creek CA-010-064
Chldago Canyon CA-010-079
Fish Slough CA-010-080
Volcanic Tablelands CA-010-081
Casa Diablo CA-010-082
Excelsior CA-010-088
Granite Mountain CA-010-090
Walford Springs CA-010-092
Mormon Meadow CA-010-094
Mount Biedeman CA-010-095
Bodie Mountain CA-010-099
Bodie CA-010-100
Masonic Mountain CA-010-102
Slinkard CA-010-105
Machesna CA-010-108
Merced River CA-040-203
Panoche Hills North CA-040-301 A
Panoche Hills South CA-040-301B
Pinnacles CA-040-303
Ventana Contiguous CA-040-308

Volume 2

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Carson-Iceberg NV-030-532
Pit River Canyon CA-020-103
Tuie Mountain CA-020-211
Tunnison Mountain CA-020-311
Flve Sprlngs CA-020-609
Skedaddle CA-020-612
South Warner Contiguous CA-020-708
Timbered Crater CA-030-201
Lava CA-030-203
Yolla Bolly Contiguous CA-030-501
Chemise Mountain CA-050-111
King Range CA-050-112
Red Mountain CA-050-132
Big Bune CA-050-211
Thatcher Ridge CA-050-212
Eden Valley CA-050-214
Rocky Creek/Cache Creek CA-050-317
Cedar Roughs CA-050-331
Dead Mountalns Northern Addition AZ-050-001
Dead Mountalns Southern Addition AZ-050-002
Chemehuevi Mountains Addition AZ-050-003
Chemehuevi/Needles Addition AZ-050-004
Whipple Mountains Addition AZ-050-010
Blg Maria Mountains North Addition AZ-050-018
Big Maria Mountains South Addition AZ-050-019
Little Picacho Peak Addition AZ-050-035
Agua Tibia CA-060-002
Beauty Mountain CA-060-020G
San Ysidro Mountain CA-060-022
San Felipe Hills CA-060-023
Sawtooth Mountains A CA-060-024A
Sawtooth Mountains B CA-060-024B
Sawtooth Mountains C CA-060-024C

Volume 3

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Carrizo Gorge CA-060-025A
Table Mountain CA-060-026
Hauser Mountain CA-060-027C
Western Otay Mountain CA-060-028
Southern Otay Mountain CA-060-029
McAffee Creek CDCA-100
North Tip CDCA-1 OOA
Toler Creek CDCA-101
Northwest Fishlake Valley CDCA-102
White Mountain CDCA-103
Cottonwood Creek CDCA-104
Wyman Creek CDCA-105
Antelope Spring CDCA-107A
Sylvania Mountains CDCA-111
Last Chance Mountain CDCA-112
Piper Mountain CDCA-115
Saline Valley CDCA-117
Lower Saline Valley CDCA-117A
North Death Valley CDCA-118
Uttle Sand Spring CDCA-119
Waucoba Wash CDCA-120
Saline Dunes CDCA-121
Inyo Mountalns CDCA-122
Hunter Mountain CDCA-123
Cerro Gordo Peak CDCA-124
Panamint Dunes CDCA-127
North Coso Range CDCA-130
Coso Range CDCA-131
Great Falls Basln CDCA-132
Darwin Falls CDCA-132A
North Argus Range CDCA-1328
Wildrose Canyon CDCA-134
Surprise Canyon CDCA-136

Volume 4

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Manly Peak CDCA-137
Middle Park Canyon CDCA-137A
Slate Range CDCA-142
Funeral Mountains CDCA-143
Resting Spring Range CDCA-145
Greenwater Range CDCA-147
Greenwater Valley CDCA-148
Ibex Hills CDCA-149
Ibex Spring CDCA-149A
Nopah Range CDCA-150
South Nopah Range CDCA-1 5OA
Pahrump Valley CDCA-154
Owlshead Mountains CDCA-156
Little Lake Canyon CDCA-157
Owens Peak CDCA-158
Cow Heaven CDCA-159
Horse Canyon CDCA-160
Kelso Peak CDCA-160B
Skinner Peak CDCA-160C
Frog Creek CDCA-163
El Paso Mountains CDCA-164
Golden Valley CDCA-170
Red Mountain CDCA-172
Blackwater Well CDCA-173
Grass Valley CDCA-173A
Black Mountain CDCA-186C
Newberry Mountains CDCA-206
Rodman Mountains CDCA-207
Bighorn Mountains CDCA-217
Morongo CDCA-218
Whitewater CDCA-218A
Saddle Peak Mountain CDCA-219
South Saddle Peak Mountain CDCA-220
Avawatz Mountains CDCA-221
South Avawatz Mountains CDCA-221 A
Kingston Range CDCA-222

Volume 5

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Silurian Valley CDCA-222A
North Mesquite Mountain CDCA-223
Mesquite Mountains CDCA-225
Statellne CDCA-225A
Clark Mountain CDCA-227
Hollow Hills CDCA-228
Shadow Valley CDCA-235A
Maggee/Atkins CDCA-237
Deer Spring CDCA-237A
Valley Vlew CDCA-237B
Teutonia Peak CDCA-238A
Cima Dome CDCA-238B
Cinder Cones CDCA-239
Soda Mountains CDCA-242
Old Dad Mountain CDCA-243
Rainbow Wells CDCA-244
Eight-Mile Tank CDCA-245
Kelso Mountains CDCA-249

Kelso Dunes CDCA-250
Cady Mountains CDCA-251
Mesquite Spring CDCA-251 A
Sleeping Beauty Mountains CDCA-252
Brlstol/Granlte Mountains CDCA-256
Lava Hills CDCA-258
South Bristol Mountains CDCA-258A
Marble Mountains CDCA-259
Clipper Mountains CDCA-260
South Provldence Mountains CDCA-262
Provldence Mountains CDCA-263
Mid Hills CDCA-264
New York Mountains CDCA-265
Castle Peaks CDCA-266
Fort Piute CDCA-267
Table Mountain CDCA-270
Woods Mountains CDCA-271
Signal Hill CDCA-272

Volume 6

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Dead Mountains CDCA-276
Piute Mountains CDCA-288
Essex CDCA-288A
Bigelow Cholla Garden CDCA-290
Sacramento Mountains CDCA-292
Stepladder Mountains CDCA-294
Pilot Peak CDCA-295
Old Woman Mountains CDCA-299
Ship Mountains CDCA-300
Cleghorn Lakes CDCA-304
Amboy Crater CDCA-304A
Sheephole/Cadiz CDCA-305
Turtle Mountains CDCA-307
Chemehuevi Mountains CDCA-310
Whipple Mountains CDCA-312
Big Maria Mountains CDCA-321
Rice Valley CDCA-322
Palen/McCoy CDCA-235
Coxcomb Mountains CDCA-328
Eagle Mountains CDCA-334
Pinto Basin CDCA-334A
Pinto Mountains CDCA-335
Santa Rosa Mountains CDCA-341
Mecca Hills CDCA-343
Orocopia Mountains CDCA-344
Chuckwalla Mountains CDCA-348
Little Chuckwalla Mountains CDCA-350
Palo Verde Mountains CDCA-352
Indian Pass CDCA-355
Picacho Peak CDCA-355A
Little Picacho Peak CDCA-356
North Algodones Dunes CDCA-360
South Algodones Dunes CDCA-362
Jacumba CDCA-368
Fish Creek Mountains CDCA-372
Coyote Mountains CDCA-373