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Proposed Plan Amendment for Western Colorado Desert Routes of Travel Designations

News Release, 12/13/02

Federal Register Notice, 12/13/02

(PLEASE NOTE: The following are PDF files. To read them you need Adobe Acrobat Reader, available a free download from the company if you do not already have it. Approximate file sizes are indicated after each item.)

Cover letter, 12/13/02 (17 kilobytes)

Errata sheet for Western Colorado Desert Routes of Travel Designation Environmental Assessment (25 K)

Implementation Plan & Schedule (81 K)

Table of Open, Limited, and Closed Routes WECO Proposed Alternative (19 K)

WECO Administrative Record (166 K) - The public comments and public meeting transcripts received for the Draft Plan Amendment are part of the Administrative Record but they are not included on the Web Site. Copies can be reviewed at or requested from the El Centro Field Office.

Please also note: the following map is a very large PDF file. Because of its fine level of detail, it was created as a document approximately 86 by 67 inches. This makes printing impractical except for those with plotter-type printers, BUT the Adobe Acrobat Reader allows you to zoom in to specific sections of the map, to see details.

A printed copy of the map is also available, as noted in the news release.

Map (4.75 megabytes)

Written protests on the Proposed Plan Amendment will be accepted if received by January 13, 2003. Instructions for filing protests are contained in the Federal Register Notice under SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION.