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Learning about wind energy on public lands

In response to all the curiosity generated by the giant wind turbines in the Palm Springs vicinity, the Palm Springs-South Coast Field Office recently offered a wind energy talk as part of their ongoing series of environmental programs. A full house had their questions ready while Claude Kirby, BLM Realty Specialist addressed the public's interest with detailed information, charm and humor.

BLM realty specialist Claude Kirby stands against a backdrop of many wind turbines in the Palm Springs area

Demand for this January 10 program was so great that Mr. Kirby presented a second talk later that day to those who could not be accommodated in the morning session. Participants learned much about this important renewable energy source as well as the history of wind energy development on public lands in the area. More than 80 members of the public participated in Mr. Kirby's talk, and left satisfied that they had learned much of interest on this topic.

Adding to the experience were informative handouts -- and snacks that included...windmill cookies.

J. Kalish, 1/07

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