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California Energy Company Honored for Protecting Habitat

Plains Exploration and Production Company’s innovative habitat conservation work was highlighted at last week's Oil and Gas Conference held in Bakersfield. The Bakersfield company was the first recipient of a national Bureau of Land Management (BLM) award presented last summer by BLM Director Kathleen Clarke.

Company representatives pose with BLM Director Kathleen Clarke after the awards presentation in Washington, D.C.
Company representatives pose with BLM Director Kathleen Clarke after the awards presentation in Washington, D.C.

The Best Management Practices Awards include three categories. Plains was honored with the Habitat Conservation BMP award for their extensive collaboration with Federal and State agencies in central California to establish long-term conservation for threatened, endangered, and sensitive species and habitats well beyond regulatory requirements. Species involved include the San Joaquin kit fox, blunt-nosed leopard lizard, and the giant kangaroo rat. Among other measures, the company established a 1,250-acre preserve valued at $1 million for recovery of these species.

The 2006 BMP Awards were a new way of recognizing companies and their partners who are demonstrating leadership and creativity in reducing the impacts of developing energy resources on public lands. These awards will now be given on an annual basis. A panel composed of representatives from BLM, the energy industry, and conservation groups reviews nominations and make recommendations to the BLM Director.

See video highlights of what the company has accomplished:
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Chevron Corp., Bakersfield, received the State Director's Award for their environmental work on 13 federal leases. Matris Exploration Company, The Woodlands, Texas, received the 2006 Special Conservation Achievement Award. Matris began operating its first leases in California this year. The leases are located in the Kettleman Hills and contain important endangered species habitat.

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Information on future nominations is available at http://www.blm.gov/bmp/.

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