News.bytes News.bytes Extra, issue 245

Getting the Word Out about Fire!

During the fire season it is very important to get public information out to those that need it most - - the residents of the wildland-urban interface. In Southern California, the Bureau of Land Management has come up with new ideas to get informational messages out there.

Last winter, BLM fuels staff and volunteers re-built a dilapidated, old bus stop in the community of Poppet Flats -- and included a bulletin board for easy access by fire personnel to post up-to-date fire and prevention messages. The location of the bus stop, next to the community bulletin board, is also near the community's mail boxes. Everyone has easy access to information affecting the community, such as information about local fires, area closures, prescribed burns, and other FIREWISE practices.

Fire truck and bus stop with Firewise message
A BLM Fire truck sits next to the refurbished bus stop and
community bulletin board where current fire information and
restrictions are displayed.

This summer, the bulletin board was used to notify residents of a prescribed burn. BLM posted information, dates, and contact numbers a couple of weeks in advance. This allowed public outreach and notification well before the burn. Even though the weather did not cooperate and the burn was postponed, the residents were well informed and very appreciative.

The bulletin board is now being used for information on fire restrictions, clearance requirements, and prevention information for the current fire season.

BLM California News.bytes, issue 245