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Desert Manager's Group receives 2005 DOI Environmental Achievement Award

Department of the Interior Secretary Gale Norton and Assistant Secretary Lynn Scarlett recognized the "exemplary" work of California's Desert Manager's Group, among eleven 2005 DOI Environmental Achievement Award winners in a ceremony at the Department of the Interior's museum on Oct. 25.

A model cooperative effort, the interagency Desert Managers Group (DMG) coordinates desert conservation, visitor services, and public safety for eleven million acres of public land in southern California's deserts. Their accomplishments include a Five Year Work Plan which is updated annually and projects including: restoring riparian habitats, cleanup of illegal dumps, aiding recovery of the endangered desert tortoise, managing the wild burro population, protecting cultural resources, coordinating scientific research, managing water resources, and sharing data needed for effective resource management and planning.

Created in September 2000, the DMG partners include the Department of the Interior (Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and U.S. Geologic Service), several State of California agencies, Department of Defense (Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps), the U.S. Forest Service, and local county governments. All DMG partners encourage stakeholder involvement and work cooperatively with local communities and organizations such as the Defenders of Wildlife, National Parks Conservation Association, the Nature Conservancy, Quad State County Coalition, United Four Wheel Drive Association, the Joshua Tree National Park Association, and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. And, the organization is still growing as new group and land management agencies join in the DMG's activities.

DOI Assistant Secretary Lynn Scarlett presented the award to the Desert Manager's Group:
DOI Assistant Secretary Lynn Scarlett presented the award to the Desert Manager's Group

"These awards signify exceptional achievements that conserve our nation's natural resources through communication, consultation, and cooperation, all in the service of conservation," Secretary Norton noted.

Assistant Secretary Scarlett presented the awards, which included categories such as environmental stewardship, waste/pollution prevention, recycling, green purchasing, sustainable design/green building, minimizing petroleum use in transportation and environmental management systems.

Award winners were chosen by an evaluation panel chaired by the Office of Environmental Policy and Compliance and made up of environmental and procurement experts from DOI bureaus and offices.

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