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More News.bytes reader comments, in response to the free postcards we offered in issue 200 -- to the first 1,000 folks who requested them (the supply has been depleted, we have no more to send out):

I would like to thank you for the postcards that were sent to our family, of BLM locations. My two sons were so excited looking at the pictures and wanting to know when we were going to visit the different areas. Again, thank you.
- R. C.

Nice, good to see some of taxpayer dollars going for something besides court costs.
- J.N.

I am a high school art teacher and would like a set of your postcards to use as photographic examples.
- C.M.

Just want to say thank you for the gorgeous postcards you sent and I got just yesterday - I will really enjoy them. Keep up the good work and PHOTO MORE!!!!!
- P.M.

My wife will love these and I'll get some much needed brownie points. We love BLM lands.

Keep up the superb work. I look forward to each issue and wait until I have time to savor it before opening the email. Can't wait for the postcards. You have wonderful images in the newsletter. Thank you all so much for a bright spot in my life.
- D. T.

For use in an Earth Science High School Classroom -- thanks!
- J.M.

I am a third grade teacher and these cards will supplement my teaching. Sometimes I scramble for a picture to better explain a meaning, such as a meadow, a hornet, etc.
- E. M.

Will make nice wooden framed gifts for my dedicated friends of nature.
- J.O.

What a cool idea.
- D.R.

News.bytes, issue 203

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