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News.bytes Extra, issue 201

Apparently for Lauren Brandt and Steve Miller, adopting two burros from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) during the Valentines Day adoption at its corral facility near Ridgecrest was a love affair of the heart.

Steve and Lauren own and operate KIBS-FM and KBOV-AM radio stations in Bishop. What began as a causal conversation quickly evolved when they had lunch with Roxanne Tallman who owns and operates Hidden Creeks Ranch. She offered her facilities and experience, but there was a catch. Roxanne thought they needed to adopt two burros. The rest is history! Steve and Lauren headed to Ridgecrest and adopted two burros for Valentines Day.

Affectionately referred to as the boys (for now) Lauren said the burros are just wonderful. “Four weeks later and the boys are doing just great.” said Lauren. “We find ourselves sneaking away from the station to go spend time with them every day.”

“They come up to us, we’re walking them around with lead rope, picking up their feet, and brushing them,’ said Steve. “In fact, we’ve taken the halters off and they’re almost following us around on their own. They are so cool – and smart!” According to Steve the boys apparently also have developed quite a passion for carrots.

Steve and Lauren said will use the burros as mascots for all station and local events, including Mule Days. They also will use the boys as mascots to promote the BLM’s Adopt-A-Wild Horse or Burro Program. They’re even going to post a sign on the boys’ corral so visitors/ranch clients can learn more about how to adopt a horse or burro of their own.

Steve are Lauren are now setting up logistics for a name-the-burros contest, which is scheduled to begin in April. The contest will run four to six weeks and the individual with the winning names for the boys will be announced prior to Mule Days and receive some cool prizes. Then the burros will make their official debut in the Mule Days Parade on Saturday, May 28.

But in the meantime, the boys continue with their gentling and training in preparation for their big day. This past weekend they learned to cross a bridge. “We just love them,” echoed Steve and Lauren. “They’re just wonderful.” Apparently, this love affaire of the hearts is mutual for adopters and animals alike!

News.bytes, issue 201

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