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31 mustangs and 19 burrros find new homes at Paso Robles event

Wild horses and burros found a throng of admirers, when the Bureau of Land Management brought them to a public adoption event at the California Mid State Fairgrounds in Paso Robles on Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 26 and 27.

When the event closed 50 mustangs and burros (31 mustangs and 19 burros) had found new homes with residents of California's central coast region.

The adoption program now moves to Tulare, for an event March 12-13 at the International Agri-Center. The adoption will run in conjunction with the annual rendezvous of the Back Country Horsemen.

Above: A young burro finds the back of a stable-mate a great place for a siesta.

Above, adopters consider the possibilities as they make friends with a young filly.

Below: A prospective adopter makes a new friend.

Above, adopters intently study a group of mustangs before making an adoption decision.

Below: Youngsters study the availability list for the mustang of their dreams.


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