Weaving Connections

About 50 people turned out for the annual Weaving Connections gathering the week of July 8, on the Mendocino National Forest. The gathering, a partnership of the Bureau of Land Management in California and the Mendocino and Six Rivers national forests, brings together Native American tribe members, staff from the agencies, and members of the public.

Participants work together on projects to improve areas for gathering weaving materials, and learn traditional weaving techniques from experts. The project is held as part of the Forest Service's Passport in Time program, and the BLM's Archaeology and Cultural Resources Awareness Program.

Photo of gathering

Above: Participants in the Weaving Connections gathering learn and practice traditional basket weaving techniques. The gathering helps keep these traditions alive.

Below: BLM Archaeologist Julie Burcell demonstrates a weaving technique

Demonstrating a weaving technique


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