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Rattlesnakes pile atop one another in a culvert - source unknown

CORRECTION August 2010, after this link was referred to from News.bytes issue 444:

From BLM Redding Field Office wildlife and fisheries biologist Gary Diridoni, 8/23/10: It is a fake photo, likely associated with a rattlesnake roundup. We contacted the work crew members trying to ascertain where the photo originated from when this past issue of Newsbytes came out. It seems it was passed on from a Caltrans Crew to our crew and was supposedly from a culvert off of Highway 36 in Tehama County. Regardless, it seems that is was pulled from the web and passed around, ultimately winding up at the state office and now Newsbytes. Those Western Diamondbacks definitely do not occur within our field office boundary.

More details in this News.bytes Extra, 8/26/10 (from News.bytes issue 445)

Original text on this page:
Rattlesnakes stay cool in a culvert. Photo taken near wetlands in the area of Jelly's Ferry, along the Sacramento River, by a BLM California crew.

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