Volunteers help Bureau of Land Management rehabilitate unauthorized trails

Trail in Eagle Lake Field Office area

Volunteers from the Sierra Club recently assisted the BLM’s Eagle Lake Field Office in rehabilitating unauthorized vehicle trails in the Dry Valley Rim Wilderness Study Area (WSA) in Nevada. A dozen workers spent a weekend using hand tools to break up compacted soil, scattering brush, and scattering rock. The goal of the work was to encourage natural revegetation by keeping vehicles off the route.

The volunteers placed brush and rocks to camouflage vehicle routes that had been pioneered into the Wilderness Study Area. The work was part of a larger effort to rehabilitate 68 unauthorized vehicle trails that have become established in the WSA. Numerous other vehicle roads and trails in the area remain open to use.

The Wilderness Study Areas were designated in 1979 after an inventory process and public scoping process. WSAs are managed so as not to impair their suitability for Wildereness designation by the congress. The establishment of new vehicle trails within these areas is an impairing activity and cannot be authorized by BLM.

- News.bytes extra, 6/27/02


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