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BLM California State Office personnel join preserve manager to remove water hyacinth and trash.

Getting down and dirty amid the weeds (and trash). This is usually the best way, often the only way, to drag them out of the water -- especially below overgrown banks lining the slough.

worker in canoe pushed through overgrown channel

Where only a canoe can get through.

Dragging out water hyacinth with a pole

Another way to remove weeds: a volunteer from the state office
lowers a pole to remove plants that have washed up against a walkway over the slough.

Scene of the crime: water hyacinth and trash  built up near pump on Lost Slough

Scene of the crime: weeds and trash pile up against "Slant Pump" on Lost Slough.

Lifting water hyacinth out of the slough with a VERY long pole

Some weeds are harder to reach from land.

more Dragging out water hyacinth with a pole

More water hyacinth around Slant Pump.

Open water in the Slough -- sign of progress in war against water weeds

A stretch of open water in the slough. Said one of the crew, "Checking Lost Slough after our search-and-destroy mission from the end of the slough to Franklin Boulevard, we found evidence of not even one water hyacinth plant -- which proves the last several years of removing them has paid off."

- Photos: BLM California, May 29, 2002


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