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Our Readers Write

We received more than 2,000 responses this past week and the comments were very positive. We appreciate the feedback and the nice compliments. Below are some sample responses.

Thank you!
The News.bytes Staff

"Thanks! After many years of enjoying public lands in the west, I've just discovered News.bytes and I am telling my friends about it." - Bob, San Francisco

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh, how excited this old lady and her grandchild are ....... Why? We received [News.bytes]..... Thank You" - Jacqueline, Julian

"Keep up the great work! I look forward to another 150 issues they are very informative." -Anonymous, Oakland

"I'm a new subscriber this year and I have been enjoying the information. I've already learned a great deal of new information and facts." -Jerry, Corona Del Mar

"I am so happy you are back with us!!!!! Sure would have hated to lose you guys!" - Charlene, Oceanside

" Thank you. Congratulations on #150! I enjoy every issue I read." - Anonymous, Huntington Beach

"Thanks! Please keep [News.bytes] rolling." - D.C., Yorba Linda

"I like your weekly e-mail. I copy off the information about the various sites for recreation that you report about. I visit some of these places in the summer. I would have never heard about them any other way. Thanks for all your work." - Steve, Davis

" I enjoy the newsletter and gain lots of useful information for my classes." - Catherine, Redondo Beach

" Wow,what a deal. Love your work. Thanks." - David, San Jose

"Love your newsletter." - Gary, Yreka

"Love the newsletter." - Bo, Las Vegas

"Thanks! and Happy Anniversary." Harry, Encino

"News. bytes does NOT bite!! Keep up the good work!!!!" - W. T. Nelson, San Pedro

"I really enjoy the newsletter. Camping on BLM lands is one of my favorite activities. I have learned much from what you preserve. Thank you." - Debbie, Tulare

" I very much appreciate News.bytes." - Sue, Buena Park

"I've been receiving [News.bytes] for a number of years and find some of the information quite pertinent to some of the courses we have on this campus (California State University). Keep up the good work!!" - Alvin, Bakersfield

"Many thanks! Enjoy the web site - sure hope the funding continues - I read every issue, and the 'fun' features as well. My family are off-highway travelers, and the information provided by the BLM web site is invaluable! I look forward to displaying the new map." - Ray, Stockton

"I enjoy your newsletters. I will join your work [projects] as time permits." - Joe, Fort Mohave

"Love your [News.bytes], I really look forward to reading them." -Stephanie, Amissville

"Excellent commentaries." - Jesse, Playa del Rey

"I find your newsletter very informative." - Jack, Red Bluff

"Always look forward to getting the news letter. As an avid hiker and off road vehicle user it is important to keep up with issues happening." - Michael, POW

"I always appreciate receiving [News.bytes]; its a very handy way to stay up to date. " - James, Riverside

"Keep up the good work." - John, Los Angeles

"We are glad that you are back on line with [News.bytes]!" - David, California

"Love your services, stay on the web!!!" - Clarence, Vacaville

"Thank you for your offer of the free map. I am OHV user and would like to thank the good folks at the BLM for their efforts in helping to keep the thousands of miles of trails open for the recreational users. Be they hiker, horse riders, mountain bikers or like myself a dedicated dual-sport trail rider. I am looking forward to riding in the upcoming BLM Toys for Tots Charity event at the Slash X ranch near Barstow Ca. in April. Thanks again." - Jeff, Westchester

"What a wonderful gesture! Thank you." - Kerri, Campbell

"Thank you for all the work you do!" - Jeff, Coloma

" Nice goin' guys!" - David, Los Osos

" Working for a community college, it is so nice to come across opportunities to enhance the learning environment of our students. Thanks so much!" - Kim, Redwood City

"I really am enjoying your newsletter. Lots of great articles. Thanks!" - Diane, Grass Valley

"Thank you. Love the newsletter." - Jon, Dana Point

"Thank you!! I will hang it up in my classroom! - Renee, Marina del Rey

"Thank you! I love to ride and camp in BLM territory. 2 snaps up for all your good work." - Diane, Los Gatos

"Love the BLM. You provide and protect the last truly affordable vacation destinations in the United States. Thank you." - Stephen, Huntington Beach

"Thanks. I love California." - Dave, Kenosha, WI

"The newsletter is great." - Steven, Fallbrook

"I love your wildlife trivia." -Mary, Redondo Beach

"Thank you for all the work you have done for us to enjoy the wonderful off road experiences. My hats off to all of you." - Sharon, Arbuckle

"Glad your web site is back on again. Thank you." - Raymond, Hesperia

"I'm an off-road rider and I appreciate all you do to educate people about the environment and trail management. Thanks a lot." - Natalie, Modesto

"I really appreciate receiving News.byte. Thanks very much." - Don, Seal Beach

"Thanks. I love California wildlands. Let's protect more as wilderness!" - Paul, Lee Vining

"We use the lands/campgrounds a lot and always find the BLM VERY helpful!" - Craig, Tustin

"My beekeeper clientele like to keep their colonies on public lands, if it is allowed. Some land managers fail to recognize the value of pollination to erosion control, propagation of native plants, and provision of food and shelter to wildlife." - Eric, Davis

"Your news letter is the greatest!" - Paul, Fairfax

"I am glad to see that News.bytes is back online. Keep up the good work." - Peter

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