News.bytes Issue 124 "Extra"
Bureau of Land Management in California

Yurok Tribe and BLM work together

Mike Pool, California BLM state director, visited the Yurok Indian Tribe in northern California in late August to discuss a cadastral survey project on the tribal lands. Director Pool met with the Tribal Council and toured the project area. BLM surveyors will define the exterior boundaries of the reservation and the trust allotments on the interior. Nearly a dozen tribal members will work as survey technicians on the project, providing essential area knowledge and communication with local residents.

A survey technician from the Yurok Tribe reviews a piece of survey equipment with a BLM team member

Yurok tribal member sets up a piece of surveying equipment

"The Bureau is enthusiastic about the cooperative nature of this project and our ability to help the Yurok tribe with the management infrastructure of their lands," Pool stated.

Sue Masten, Yurok tribal chairperson said, "These surveys are essential to our tribe in developing the basic infrastructures needed to make our tribe more independent."

A Yurok Tribal member converses with BLM California Director Mike Pool

The reservation contains parts of 11 townships and will require an estimated 10 years to complete.

Yurok tribal member sets up a piece of surveying equipment

BLM and tribal members gather in front of the building that will include survey headquarters


Below: groups from the Yurok Tribe and BLM view reservation land by boat.

Viewing the Yurok Reservation from a boat.

Boat continues through Yurok Reservation

BLM California Director Mike Pool on boat tour



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