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Under the tent at the research site, California Department of Fish and Game biologist Tom Stephenson checks the health of the doe, including the health of any fetus, using ultrasound........also pictured are CDFG warden Lee King (from Holtville; restraining the deer) and scientific aide Amber Rossi (taking the doe's temperature)....(All photos courtesy Kevin Marty, BLM/Imperial Valley Press)
Deer examination


A blindfolded doe (blindfolded to help keep her calm while being transported through the air) is lowered by a helicopter to the bed of a pickup truck; she is then taken to the research site where they will check her health and collect other data.....Gerald Mulcahy of the California Department of Fish and Game is there to help her down.
Deer in net

This doe is released after data was collected on this photo, CDFG game warden Greg Verbrugge (far left) and U. S. Bureau of Land Management biologist Daniel Steward (leaning to right in front of Greg) get out of the way while CDFG game warden Lee King (from Holtville; behind them) and CDFG scientific aide Amber Rossi (right) look on.
Deer being released

For more on this story, see item from BLM California News.bytes, issue 114:

"Capture nets data on desert deer" (Imperial Valley Press, 06/19/2003)
Scientists from BLM and other agencies, game wardens and veterinarians capture, examine and release deer in eastern Imperial County. The purpose: determine effect of water sources - such as relatively new "wildlife guzzlers" - on deer's range and health.

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