The News.bytes Team has noticed a recent increase in the number of online newspapers that require viewers to register before they view online stories. Some of these newspapers carry quite a few public lands-related stories.

News.bytes links to these stories because they contain information of interest or use to our readers. However, content of each news story News.bytes links to is the property of the news organization that produced it. We do not reproduce the stories on the BLM Web site. News.bytes is produced on a tight deadline, so contacting each editor for individual permission to reproduce each story is not practical.

The reader chooses whether to register or not. The amount of information required varies widely from site to site. Some only ask for an email address and a password that you create yourself. Other sites ask for more information, and indicate if some items are not mandatory.

Once you register at a site, you should not have to do it again - your browser should go directly to any stories at that site. Usually that requires that “cookies” be left turned on in your browser (the default) - so the site “knows” you the next time you visit. You may also want to keep your user name and password handy – if you access those articles from another computer, or you have to reinstall the operating system on your computer, you will have to log in with the user name and password that you created when you registered.

Members of our staff tell us that they have not seen an increase in their “spam” after registering with online newspaper sites. If any registrations do not appear to be legitimate, News.bytes does not link to that site.

News.bytes will try to indicate which online stories require registration - bearing in mind that readers who have already registered with that newspaper, should not have to register again.

Also: News.bytes links only to online stories that readers can view for free. If a site asks you to pay for a story, the story has been moved to the site’s paid online archive since the News.bytes Team last checked the links. In many cases, stories remain online for free for one week, before being moved to paid archives. The News.bytes Team has no control over this and encourages you to view articles that interest you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your interest in California's public lands.

News.bytes online, issue 167