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A trail in the King Range with a sunset view. BLM photo Route 66 painted on the road with Amboy Crater and a BLM sign in the background. BLM photo Rocky shoreline of Point Arena-Stornetta unit of the California Coastal National Monument. BLM photo Three wild horses run in the distance in a high desert landscape. An oil rig on BLM land with a sunset background. BLM photo


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Large historic building along California Route 66Ultimate Western Trip: Route 66 (Sunset.com, 08/14) From the desert to the surf, these three stretches of the old Mother Road have outdoor adventure, high culture, and some of the West's best road food. http://ow.ly/ANdBt

Albert Okura poses in a window with a Route 66 sign in the background. A Look At Juan Pollo Founder Albert Okura's Success, Big Dreams
(The Sun, 08/17/14) Inside, there are relics that harken to the early days of fast food, and it's a destination for tourists from around the world. And then there's the preserved ghost town of Amboy, west of Needles and east of Ludlow on Route 66. Owning Amboy is exactly the kind of unconventional endeavor for which Okura has become known. http://ow.ly/ANcv9

Highway with Route 66 painted on roadway and Amboy Crater in the background. BLM photoRELATED: Historic Route 66 (BLM Website) The following areas along the historic Route 66 fall within the jurisdictional boundary of the BLM's Needles Field Office: Amboy, Essex, Goffs, Ludlow, and Needles. http://ow.ly/APaFf


Oil rig with sunset background. BLM photoBLM California Announces Path Forward for Oil and Gas Program (BLM News Release) The BLM is announcing its comprehensive strategy for the federal oil and gas program in California. "With these pieces in place, we will be able to both contribute to meeting America's energy needs and implement appropriate, safe, and responsible measures to protect groundwater and other critical resources." said Jim Kenna, BLM California State Director. http://ow.ly/APBoW

RELATED: Advanced Well Stimulation Technologies in California: An Independent Review of Scientific and Technical Information (CCST Website) CCST has released an independent report that reviews well stimulation technologies, including hydraulic fracturing, used in on-shore oil reservoirs in the state of California. This study was commissioned by the BLM and will inform BLM's oil and gas policies in California. http://ow.ly/APBVt

Feds to Resume Leasing for Fracking in California
(ABC News, 08/28/14) The BLM will resume issuing oil and gas leases next year for federal lands in California after a new study found limited environmental impacts from fracking and other enhanced drilling techniques. http://ow.ly/ARzGJ

Oil rigs. Fracking Report Clears Way for California Oil, Gas Leasing to Resume
(LA Times, 08/28/14) The BLM said the report-- and additional environmental reviews-- will allow it to begin leasing on public land next year. The announcement is welcome news for energy companies that have been shut out of the oil-rich San Joaquin Valley and Central Coast. http://ow.ly/ARA7S

Fracking Study May Allow Feds to Resume Lucrative Oil Leases in Kern (The Bakersfiled Californian, 08/28/14) The BLM took a big step toward resuming auctions of federal property in California for oil and gas production with its release Thursday of an independent scientific review of well stimulation activities in the state... http://ow.ly/ARADv

RELATED: BLM California Oil and Gas Strategy (BLM Website) The BLM's comprehensive strategy for the federal oil and gas program in California incorporates information from the Independent Science Review by the California Council on Science and Technology; provides internal guidance for processing of applications for permits to drill and sundry notices; and provides the results from public scoping on oil and gas development in the Hollister Field Office. http://ow.ly/APNOU


Piedras Blancas Light Station and the rocky coastline. BLM photoDiscover the Coast @ Piedras Blancas - Community Celebration (BLM YouTube) Join the the BLM, volunteers, and partners as they celebrate National Lighthouse Day and collaborative efforts at the Piedras Blancas Light Station Outstanding Natural Area. http://youtu.be/oG-c8VqQ9wk

Town of Point Arena with sunset through a tree. Get To Mendocino Before Anyone Else, Then Slow Down (The Boston Globe, 08/23/14) Mendocino's jagged coast, framed by soaring cliffs and perpendicular bluffs, is almost yours alone along lightly traveled coastal Route 1. http://ow.ly/ANbbf

RELATED: Point Arena-Stornetta Unit (BLM Website) The Point Arena-Stornetta Unit includes 1,665 acres of Federal land administered by the BLM along the Northern California coastline. http://ow.ly/APbnW

Rocky cliffs overlooking the Pacific ocean on California's north coast. Top 24 Sights On California's Lost Coast
(Sunset.com, 08/14) The trees are taller. The beaches are wider. And there's no one here but you. Here's how to get lost on California's last stretch of untamed coast. http://ow.ly/ANekN

RELATED: King Range National Conservation Area- The Lost Coast (BLM Website) A spectacular meeting of land and sea is certainly the dominant feature of King Range National Conservation Area. http://ow.ly/APbNg

Graphic of the Discover the Coast. Visit Our Discover The Coast Website
(BLM website) Learn more about the Discover the Coast initiative, our partnerships, and events. http://ow.ly/voNJ2


A graphic with a background of green leaves and a yellow questionmark.

What species is this famous bird and why was she famous? Here are a few tips:
* She was named after Martha Washington
* She lived to be about 30 years old
* She grew famous during her time at the Cincinnati Zoo
* She was flown first class all over the country
* Her species were used in pot pies

------> See answer near the end of this issue of News.bytes.


Baldwin Lake Linanthus in flowering in pebbled soil. Rare Blossoms Found in the Bighorn Mountain Wilderness (BLM Facebook) Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden botanists found several new populations of Baldwin Lake Linanthus on the BLM managed Bighorn Mountain Wilderness. http://ow.ly/ANhTy

RELATED: Bighorn Mountain Wilderness (BLM Website) The rugged Bighorn Mountains in the north central portion of this wilderness are the foothills of the San Bernardino Mountains. Visitors can experience the rare ecological transition that occurs here, including Yucca and Joshua trees on the desert floor and stands of Jeffrey Pine at higher elevations, including the 7,500 foot high Granite Peak. http://ow.ly/APc5b

A 'Wild' Sideshow At Rodeo
(Orange County Register, 08/22/14) Three mustangs captured by the BLM will join their new owner, traveling Texas cowboy Bobby Kerr, for a performance meant to showcase their training and wow the crowd at the same time. http://ow.ly/ANbNi

RELATED: Wild Horses & Burros (BLM Website) ...the BLM has responsibility to protect wild horses and burros, while ensuring their populations are managed to maintain or restore a thriving ecological balance. http://ow.ly/APcwC


BLM and DEPARTMENT of the INTERIOR Highlights

A Trinidad School teacher reads to students on coastal rocks on BLM's California Coastal National Monument. BLM photoLAST WEEK AT THE BLM, August 18-22, 2014 (BLM Tumblr) Burning Man, Don't Bug Montana, Colorado Wilderness Act and more. http://tmblr.co/Z9wNeu1P9wY5k

Image clip from DOI video. Secretary Sally Jewell talks to a man an women during a visit. VIDEO- This Week at Interior: August 22, 2014
(DOI YouTube) Secretary Jewell travels to Maine, Minnesota and Montana, free admission at all National Parks on Monday and more. http://youtu.be/XkZeCGxRbCM

Three wild horses run in the distance in a high sage-steppe area. Governor: BLM Must Take Immediate Action to Remedy Violations of Wild Horse Act
(County10, 08/25/14) Governor Matt Mead reminded the U.S. Department of Interior and the BLM that under the Wild Free Roaming Horse and Burro Act the federal government must remove excess horses from its Herd Management Areas. Currently horses overpopulate seven of those areas in Wyoming. The requirement to remove excess horses is not discretionary in federal law. http://ow.ly/ANf9N


Sept 27: BLM National Public Lands Day Events (BLM Webpage) NPLD is the largest volunteer event for America's public lands. It is held on a Saturday in late September when thousands of Americans volunteer to improve and enhance our nation's public lands. http://ow.ly/ANj3J

Aug. 11- Oct.: Delays, Closures will Affect Butte County Roads During Improvement Projects
(BLM News Release) Visitors planning to travel on Doe Mill road in Butte County will be subject to delays and closures as construction gets underway on road improvements and a bridge replacement project. The road, also known as Ponderosa Way, will be closed from 8 a.m. to noon and 1 to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday during construction. The road will be open on weekends. http://ow.ly/AcpxC

Aug. 28: Webcast Scheduled to Solicit Comments on Route 66 Management Plan
(BLM News Release) The California Historic Route 66 Association and BLM California Desert District have scheduled the third in a series of four webcasts to continue soliciting public comments on the preparation of a corridor management plan for Historic Route 66 from Barstow to Needles, California. Lardner/Klein Landscape Architects will host the webcast on to address transportation-related issues. http://ow.ly/AxHH4

WILDLIFE TRIVIA ANSWER and Related Information

What species is this famous bird and why was she famous?
Martha, a stuffed Passenger Pigeon that was the last living of her species.

ANSWER: Martha was a Passenger pigeon. She was the last of her species and a motivation for the U.S. to pass the first federal law protecting wildlife and much later the Endangered Species Act.

SOURCE: Lone Passenger Pigeon Escapes Pie Pan, Lands In Smithsonian (NPR, 06/27/14) Why the obsession with this one bird? James says a lot of animals have gone extinct, but it's rare to be able to go to the zoo and look the last one in the eyes. http://ow.ly/AN4Iv

RELATED: The Passenger Pigeon's Everlasting Mark: America's Most Infamous Extinction (Huffington Post, 08/25/14) We rarely know the exact date and time an entire species goes extinct, but in the case of the passenger pigeon, we do. Martha, the very last of her species, took her final breath at the Cincinnati Zoo on September 1st 1914, marking the end of a species that was once the most abundant in North America. This was America's first infamous extinction. http://ow.ly/AN81l

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