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BLM firefighters pose with Secretary Salley Jewell in Redding California. A group of BLM staff, volunteers and partners pose in front of Piedras Blancas Light Station. A State Park Officer stands with his adopted mustang and talks to the public. A large tent pitched and set up for archaeology conference in the wilderness. Wiyott tribe kids sit on the beach and look out at the ocean.


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Secretary Jewell Visits California Wildland Fire Operations Center (DOI News Release) Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell visited the Northern California Geographic Area Coordination Center in Redding, California,where she toured on-the-ground fuels management projects in the surrounding area. http://ow.ly/AiIa1

Secretary Sally Jewell poses with BLM northern California fire staff. BLM photoInterior Secretary Jewell Visits Redding
(Record Searchlight,08/12/14) U.S. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell visited Redding and met with firefighters battling the thousands of acres burning across the North State and toured facilities at the Northern California Geographic Area Coordination Center in Redding. http://ow.ly/AkbBI

Casey Cole in his US Marine uniform and as a BLM firefighter. Folsom Lake Veterans Fire Crew
(BLM Facebook)
Casey Cole, United States Marine Corps veteran, talks about his experience with the BLM Folsom Lake Fire Crew and how other military veterans can work for this program. http://ow.ly/AisM3

VIDEO: Casey Cole Talks about the BLM Veterans Fire Crew
(BLM YouTube) http://ow.ly/AfVd4

VIDEO: Smokey Bear's 70th Birthday (SmokeyBear.com Website)
Smokey Bear's birthday may be over but his work is never done. Only you... http://youtu.be/bfaf0XseVB0

Timelapse Images of Post-Fire Area of BLM's Tule Mountain Wilderness Study Area
(BLM Tumblr) Twenty-five miles south of Alturas, California, in Northeastern Lassen County, the Tule Mountain Wilderness Study Area was the scene of wildfire in September 2012. Some of Bob Wick's amazing time lapse photography of the area in the aftermath can be found... http://tmblr.co/Z9wNeu1NqKiki


BLM staff, partners and volunteers pose for a photo in front of the Piedras Blancas Light Station. BLM photoPiedras Blancas Light Station Celebration (News.Bytes Extra)
It was a festive atmosphere at Piedras Blancas Light Station with a joint celebration of National Lighthouse Day and Discover the Coast. More than 120 lighthouse enthusiasts attended living history tours conducted by volunteers dressed in period clothing from the late 1800s-early 1900s. http://ow.ly/Ais2o

VIDEO: Voices of the Coast @ Piedras Blancas (BLM YouTube)
Local communities share their thoughts about the coast and invite you to Discover the Coast @ Piedras Blancas. http://youtu.be/s0d2IH6jP-w

BLM Outdoor Recreation Planner shows two young hikers how to eat gooseberries. BLM photoRising Moon Setting Sun Hike with southern Humboldt County's Youth Alive!
(BLM Facebook) Justin Robbins, BLM Outdoor Recreation Planner, led the young adventurers three miles from the King Range National Conservation Area's Lightning Trailhead up to a 1,700 foot elevation at the King Peak summit. http://ow.ly/Akuz4

A group of kids sit on the beach looking out at the Pacific ocean. Wiyot Tribe Children Join BLM Interpretive Tour
(BLM Facebook)
Arcata Field Office Interpretive Specialist Leisyka Parrott, and Friends of the Dunes Education Coordinator Suzie Fortner, led Wiyot tribe children yesterday on a fun filled day of bay and dunes education. http://ow.ly/AkCsv

Discover the Coast text graphic. Visit Our Discover The Coast Website
(BLM website)
Learn more about the Discover the Coast initiative, our partnerships, and events. http://ow.ly/voNJ2


Broad-tailed hummingbird male perched on a branch.

What unique feature of hummingbird flight is also an important feature in aerial wildland firefighting? Here are some interesting facts about hummingbird flight.

(a.) A hummingbird's maximum forward flight speed is 30 miles per hour, though the birds can reach up to 60 miles per hour in a dive.

(b.) Hummingbirds have evolved minimal sized feet to reduce aerodynamic drag in flight and drop even more weight; they cannot actually walk on their feet, and are only able to perch or slightly scoot sideways.

(c.) Longer, stronger bones in the "finger" portion of the wing to keep the wing stable with each stroke and to allow greater fine movements to control flight direction.

(d.) Hummingbirds beat their wings on average up to 200 times per second.

(e.) From 25-30 percent of a hummingbird's weight is in its pectoral muscles, the muscles principally responsible for flight.

------> See answer near the end of this issue of News.bytes.


Solar panels.Blythe Mesa Solar Project Wins Environmental Supporters
(The Desert Sun, 08/10/14) Environmental groups have come out in support of the Blythe Mesa project in eastern Riverside County. This project, they say, would offset between 400,000 and one million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year. http://ow.ly/AcEmA

RELATED: Blythe Solar Project (BLM Website) http://ow.ly/Aia7x

A State Park Law Enforcement Officer stands with his adopted mustang used for patroling remote areas. Talks to visitors at the Nevada County State Fair. Volunteers and Mustang Ambassadors at the Nevada County Fair
(BLM Facebook) Thanks to the BLM volunteers and their mustang ambassadors that participated with us at the Nevada County Fair this past week in Grass Valley, California. http://ow.ly/AiH2Q

A large tent pitched in a campground with archaeologists sitting inside listening to speakers. BLM photo The 8th Annual Keeler Archaeological Conference
(BLM Facebook)
Leave it to archaeologists to find a traditional yet technical way to share and discuss information. Group camping in Mono County's Rock Creek Canyon, elk, venison and lamb on the grill and experts gathered under a tent. http://ow.ly/AigWT

Two volunteers with weed eating equipment stand on a wetland boardwalk at the Cosumnes River Preserve. Cosumnes River Preserve's Habitat Restoration Team Create Waterfowl Viewing Areas (BLM Facebook) It's always impressive to see the commitment and hard work of the Cosumnes River Preserve's Habitat Restoration Team. They recently cleared vegetation along the Boardwalk and created waterfowl viewing areas. http://ow.ly/AicMx

Mendocino Pot Eradication Creates a Mystery
(The Press Democrat, 08/09/14)
Some of the gardens were being grown on federal property overseen by the BLM, which is illegal. One of the gardens had been eradicated multiple times before. http://ow.ly/AcuZy


BLM and DEPARTMENT of the INTERIOR Highlights

Firefighters with flames in the background. LAST WEEK AT THE BLM, July 28-August 1, 2014 (BLM Tumblr) BLM celebrated the two-year anniversary of its My Public Lands Tumnblr, Highlights of BLM's Direct Hire Authority for Resource Assistant Internships, and more... http://tmblr.co/Z9wNeu1NzibPZ

Image clip from DOI weekly video. VIDEO- This Week at Interior: August 1, 2014
(DOI YouTube) Promoting the Land and Water Conservation Fund, combating wildlife trafficking and more... http://youtu.be/uQ8yiZ7LmtM

Secretary Jewell Announces Additional $1 Million to Fund Urban Engagement Efforts at Southern California Wildlife Refuges
(DOI News Release, 08/13/14) Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell today announced that the San Diego National Wildlife Refuge Complex will receive an additional $1 million in funding to reach new audiences and engage Southern California urban communities and youth in conservation and outdoor recreation. http://ow.ly/Ain7c

Obama Adminstration Pushes for Solar Power
(The New Yorker, 08/06/14)
The BLM couldn't change the high cost of solar energy, but officials thought that they could address two other big hurdles to solar development: the potential environmental damage and the financial risk for investors. In 2012, it came up with what it called the Western Solar Plan. http://ow.ly/Acjgp


Aug. 16: Public Meeting Scheduled to Address Land Use Changes in the Johnson Valley Off-Highway Vehicle Recreation Area. (BLM News Release) Representatives from the BLM and the Marine Corps will host a Resource Management Group meeting about the changes in land use in the Johnson Valley Off-Highway Vehicle Recreation Area at the Lucerne Valley Community Center. http://ow.ly/Acq9Z

Aug. 11- Oct.: Delays, Closures will Affect Butte County Roads During Improvement Projects
(BLM News Release) Visitors planning to travel on Doe Mill road in Butte County will be subject to delays and closures as construction gets underway on road improvements and a bridge replacement project. The road, also known as Ponderosa Way, will be closed from 8 a.m. to noon and 1 to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday during construction. The road will be open on weekends. http://ow.ly/AcpxC

Aug. 19-21: Public Meetings During Scoping Phase for Environmental Review of Major Transmission Line in California Desert
(BLM News Release) During the scoping period, the BLM and the CPUC will solicit public comments on planning issues, environmental concerns, potential impacts, alternatives, and mitigation measures that should be included in the analysis of the proposed action. http://ow.ly/Acrsw

Aug. 21: BLM Seeks Organization to Administer Wetland Waterfowl Hunts
(BLM News Release) The BLM is seeking a qualified organization to administer waterfowl hunting for youth, women and disabled hunters on its Cougar Wetland at the Cosumnes River Preserve during the 2014-15 hunting season. http://ow.ly/AcqGw

Apr-Oct. 23: Webcasts Scheduled to Solicit Comments on Route 66 Management Plan
(BLM News Release) The California Historic Route 66 Association and BLM California Desert District have scheduled four webcasts to continue soliciting public comments on the preparation of a corridor management plan for the segment of historic Route 66. http://ow.ly/vUesE

WILDLIFE TRIVIA ANSWER and Related Information

Broad-tailed hummingbird male perched on a branch. What unique feature of hummingbird flight is also an important feature in aerial wildland firefighting?

ANSWER: Hover flight. The hummingbird wing beat pattern generates lift on both forward and backward strokes, keeping the bird aloft and allowing it to hover. Hummingbirds spend up to 90 percent of their flying time hovering to feed. Helicopter hover maneuvers are important in firefighting. This allows firefighters to rapell into remote areas, drop and carry supplies, and to sling buckets of water from nearby streams and lakes to fire flames and hot spots.

Hummingbird in flight. SOURCE: 25 Fun Facts About Hummingbirds
(About.com) http://ow.ly/AcZke

RELATED: BLM's Wildlife Database- Hummingbirds
(BLM Website) http://ow.ly/Ad0Nw

RELATED: Hummingbirds May Hold Clues To Improving Helicopter Technology
(The Huffington Post, 08/10/14) http://ow.ly/AcZ8H

RELATED: BLM Fire Aviation
(BLM Website) http://ow.ly/Ad6Rq

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