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View of the rocky ocean shoreline at Point Arena-Stornetta public lands. BLM photo Two BLM interns stand at the Camp Smokey entrance at the California State Fair. BLM photo A young girl holds a desert tortoise with a little help from a BLM employee. BLM photo Sage grouse. BLM photo A polar bear with two cubs walk across a frozen landscape. DOI video


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A view of the rocky ocean shoreline and reef at the Point Arena-Stornetta public lands and Point Arena Lighthouse in the distance. BLM photoPoint Arena Celebrates a National Monument (News.Bytes Extra)
Residents and visitors converged on the southern Mendocino Coast Saturday to celebrate their access to public lands in their own backyard. They focused a full day on the California Coastal National Monument, and the Point Arena-Stornetta Lands unit,with hikes, art, poetry and film. http://ow.ly/zvIhC

Image clip from BLM video of the Point Arena community celebration. Graphic overlay with text Discover the Coast. VIDEO: Discover the Coast @ Point Arena - Community Celebration (BLM YouTube) Join the community of Point Arena as they celebrate the public lands in and around the City of Point Arena. http://youtu.be/X3oHM9fktYI

RELATED: Point Arena-Stornetta Public Lands
(BLM Website) http://ow.ly/zv7FI

Two people walk a grassy hillside at Point Arena-Stornetta public lands along the California coast. Point Arena-Stornetta California Coastal National Monument

(Ukiah Daily Journal News, 07/15/14) Contagious enthusiasm; Ann Cole, executive director of the Mendocino Land Trust, sums up the large-scale, community-wide effort that reached all the way to the White House and culminated in the historic designation of the Point Arena-Stornetta California Coastal National Monument. http://ow.ly/zs0bP

BLM graphic image of Discover the Coast. Visit Our Discover The Coast Website (BLM website)
Learn more about our Discover the Coast initiative, partnerships, and events. http://ow.ly/voNJ2


A group of hikers go bird watching at Point Arena Stornetta public lands along the California Coast. BLM photo

What bird am I? I was likely spotted by hikers on the Point Arena-Stornetta coastal bird walk this weekend. The male of my species might be considered chauvinist by some human behavioral standards. For example, males tend to forage higher in trees than females, and when courting females, they accentuate their yellow, black and white feathers by raising their wings and fluffing their crown feathers, and hop from perch to perch, making chipping noises at us.

Other things about me..

(a.) We are probably the most frequently encountered wood warblers.
(b.) We are the most versatile foragers compared to other warblers. We catch flying insects, eat wild seeds and eat berries in fall.
(c.) We are the only warbler able to digest the waxes found in bayberries and wax myrtles.

------> See answer near the end of this issue of News.bytes.


Two BLM interns stand at the Camp Smokey gate in the California State Fair. BLM photoWelcome to Camp Smokey (News.Bytes Extra) Among the many exciting exhibits found at the California State Fair in Sacramento is a place where children of all ages can learn and have fun with the one and only Smokey Bear: Camp Smokey! http://ow.ly/zvARh

Smokey Bear talks to kids during a puppet show at the California State Fair's Camp Smokey. BLM photoRELATED: Bienvenidos to Camp Smokey!
(BLM Facebook ) For a fun family day stop by California State Fair and visit Camp Smokey take a picture with the friendliest bear of the forest Smokey Bear. http://ow.ly/zuKXQ

A young girl holds a desert tortoise with help from BLM's Barbara Croonquist. BLM photo Summer fun at Camp Wesson with the BLM!
(BLM Facebook) The three-day camp provides an opportunity for inner-city youth to participate in an array of recreational activities unavailable to most at-risk kids, such as archery, wall-climbing, swimming and hiking. http://ow.ly/zvVZG

Aerial view looking down at a pot farm. Massive Raid to Help Yurok Tribe Combat Illegal Pot Grows
(LA Times, 07/21/14) The California National Guard on Monday joined more than a dozen other agencies to help the Yurok tribe combat rampant marijuana grows that have threatened the reservation's water supply, harmed its salmon and interfered with cultural ceremonies. http://ow.ly/zv4yw

Wilderness 50 Celebration at Stevens Camp
(BLM Facebook)
The Event was a huge success thanks to some of BLM's key partners including Friends of Nevada Wilderness, Friends of the Black Rock, and the Back Country Horseman. Participants were encouraged to bring their pets which resulted in numerous dogs running around the camp. http://ow.ly/zxMEA

High Fire Potential Brings Fire Prevention Group to Desert District
(BLM News Release) A fire prevention group and additional fire prevention patrols have arrived in the California Desert District to help emphasize fire prevention information and the implementation of Stage III Fire Restrictions. http://ow.ly/zvROo


BLM and DEPARTMENT of the INTERIOR Highlights

Sage grouse. BLM photoLAST WEEK AT THE BLM, July 14-18, 2014 (BLM Tumblr) BLM Director Neil Kornze highlighted the importance of the BLM's budget request for a fee system to increase the agency's oil and gas inspection capacity; BLM announced that it is making sage grouse habitat protection a high natural resource priority, focusing its hazardous fuels program... http://tmblr.co/Z9wNeu1M6WG9M

Image clip from the DOI weekly video. Image of a polar bear with two cubs. VIDEO- This Week at Interior: July 18, 2014 (DOI YouTube)
Philanthropist donates more than $12 million to help restore Arlington House; the Obama Administration is dedicating nearly $10 million to help tribal communities deal with the effects of climate change and more. http://youtu.be/qyYCT4AJg00

Sage grouse in a field. Birds Versus Wind Turbines (The New York Times, 07/19/14)
A conservation effort across the West to protect the sage grouse, a bird with an unusual mating call, has put different environmental interests at odds. http://nyti.ms/1reqICM

Sage grouse.BLM Fire Program's Focus: Sage Grouse Protection
(KTVZ.com, 07/18/14) Agency will make threatened bird's habitat 'high priority'. The BLM announced Friday that it is making sage grouse habitat protection a high natural resource priority, focusing its hazardous fuels program on areas where fire management for sage-grouse habitat protection is most critical. http://ow.ly/zvQTZ

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(BLM News Release) http://ow.ly/zvRel


July 26: Free Interpretive Outings (BLM News Release) "Leave No Trace in the Wilderness" Outings Focus on Leave No Trace in the King Range Wilderness and Kayaking the Lost Coast. http://ow.ly/zvRst

Jul. 26-27: BLM Ukiah Field Office Announces Temporary Road Restrictions for Rally Car Race (BLM News Release) The BLM has announced that it will temporarily close Walker Ridge Road and the South Cow Mountain Off-Highway Vehicle Area to general recreation use and through traffic to provide for public safety during the Mendocino Rally race. http://ow.ly/zv5X0

Aug. 1: End of Public Review Period for Environmental Study for Blythe Mesa Solar Project in Eastern Riverside County
(BLM News Release) BLM released a joint environmental analysis with Riverside County for the proposed Blythe Mesa Solar Project in eastern Riverside County, Calif. for a 45-day public review. http://ow.ly/yewwM

Apr-Oct. 23: Webcasts Scheduled to Solicit Comments on Route 66 Management Plan (BLM News Release) The California Historic Route 66 Association and BLM California Desert District have scheduled four webcasts to continue soliciting public comments on the preparation of a corridor management plan for the segment of historic Route 66. http://ow.ly/vUesE

WILDLIFE TRIVIA ANSWER and Related Information

Illustration with variations of the Yellow-rumped Warbler by What bird am I?

ANSWER: Yellow-rumped Warbler

SOURCE: Yellow-rumped Warbler

(National Geographic Website) http://ow.ly/zv8RD

SOURCE: Yellow-rumped Warbler
(Cornell Lab of Ornithology Website) http://ow.ly/zvkNd

RELATED: Mendocino County Coastal Birds List
(BLM pdf) http://ow.ly/zvktX

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