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A female firefighter from the BLM Redding Field Office bends over to talk to a small girl during a July 4th parade. BLM photo A BLM guide helps a boy with tie his scarf on a field hike. A father holds his littler girl up to touch an adopted mustang horse during the Redlands July 4th parade. An older woman bends over to talk with a young boy looking out at a rocky tidepool along the California coast. Historic photo of an old gas station along a California stretch of the Route 66 highway.


- Discover the Coast
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An woman leans over a young boy looking out at the ocean tidepool rokcs.California Coastal National Monument Expansion
(Recreation.gov Website) Breathtaking landscapes encompass the newly added shoreline of the Point Arena-Stornetta Unit. http://ow.ly/yYkwG

A man stands in a grassy field next to an old building in Mendocino County, CA.Proposed Sale of Research Site On Mendocino Coast Draws Fire
(The Press Democrat, 07/02/14) BLM plans to add the 15-acre property to the California Coastal National Monument. But Mendocino College educators and other college science instructors say the property is an invaluable research and teaching tool and should be kept as such. http://ow.ly/yYeok

A southern California beach is nearly covered with Grunions as onlookers watch.Meet the Grunion! (BLM Facebook) The Cabrillo Marine Aquarium is hosting the second-to-last grunion run before the season ends on July 28. http://ow.ly/yYrW6

BLM California's Discover the Coast text graphicVisit Our Discover The Coast Website
(BLM website)
Learn more about our Discover the Coast initiative, partnerships, and events. http://ow.ly/voNJ2


A female grunion is half buried in the sand with her head out and a male swirled around her.

The California grunion is well known for its remarkable spawning behavior and can be observed along southern California sandy beaches, from March through September.

Which of the following statements about the grunion is false?

(a.) They are small silvery fish found only along the coast of southern California and northern Baja California

(b.) They come completely out of the water to lay their eggs in the sand.

(c.) Grunion spawn only on nights with higher tides, and after the tide has started to recede.

(d.) Females ride a far reaching wave onto the beach accompanied by as many as eight males.

(e.) In the presence of males, the female grunion swims as far up on the wet sand as possible and literally drills herself into the sand as the wave recedes.

(f.) Males are known to whistle when they follow females on to the beach.

------> See answer near the end of this issue of News.bytes.


A father and his holds his young daughter up to pet an adopted mustang in the parade. BLM photoMustangs in the Redlands Parade (BLM Facebook)
It's a magical moment when a child comes face-to-face with an adopted mustang. http://ow.ly/yYj8v

RELATED: BLM California Wild Horse and Burro Adoption (BLM Website) http://ow.ly/z0Mqt

A BLM female firefighter bends down to talk to a littler girl during the Weaverville July 4th parade. BLM photo BLM Redding Firefighters in the Weaverville Parade
(BLM Facebook) It's a highlight of summer for our firefighters to join in community celebrations and spread the word about the importance of fire safety. http://ow.ly/yYjI1

BLM guide helps a boy with tieing his scarf on an outdoor hike. Junior Naturalist Summer Day Camp at the Desert Discovery Center
(Desert Discovery Center Facebook) The Desert Discovery Center has started their Junior Naturalist Summer Camp sessions for children ages 7-13 years old. http://ow.ly/z0t37

RELATED: Desert Discovery Center (Desert Discovery Center Website) http://ow.ly/z0M8A

Historic photo of an old gas station along a California section of Route 66 highway. Throwback Thursday Along Route 66
(BLM Facebook)
"Slow down, get off the interstate, and experience America." Said photographer Russell Olsen quoted in a blog post titled Route 66 Lost & Found. Travel back in time with Olsen's photo collection along a hauntingly beautiful stretch of Route 66 and some historical BLM landscapes. http://ow.ly/z0zKs

RELATED: World War II Desert Training Center, California-Arizona Maneuver Area (BLM Website) http://ow.ly/z0LqU

Sheriff, Feds: Rancher Must Be Held Accountable (The Washington Post, 07/06/14)
BLM officials say they agree with a Nevada sheriff's position that rancher Cliven Bundy must be held accountable for his role in an April standoff between his supporters and the federal agency. http://ow.ly/yYaMS

A photo clip from a TV video of the Chariot Fire burned area. Cabin Owners Still Waiting To Rebuild One Year After Chariot Fire
(ABC 10 News, 07/08/14) It has been one year since the Chariot Fire ripped through 7,000 acres and more than 100 cabins at the Al Bahr Shrine Camp in Mount Laguna. A BLM spokeswoman said they cannot comment on pending litigation. They said the Cal Fire report lists four possibilities of the cause and would not comment on the Cal Fire press release blaming the BLM Jeep for the cause. http://ow.ly/yYhFZ


BLM and DEPARTMENT of the INTERIOR Highlights

Cover illustration for the BLM national magazine. LAST WEEK AT THE BLM, JUNE 30-July 4, 2014
(BLM Tumblr) BLM hosted the 2014 Seed Conference to celebrate 20 years of public-private partnerships for native plant conservation; BLM last week held a competitive auction for renewable energy on public lands in the Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone in Clark County, Nevada; and more. http://ow.ly/yStO0

RELATED: Exciting News...It's a My Public Lands Magazine! (BLM Tumblr)
We're excited to announce the release of the My Public Lands magazine, filled with little-known stories about the BLM-managed public lands that we all love.

RELATED: Download your free electronic copy of the My Public Lands Magazine (BLM Website): http://ow.ly/z0KwH

VIDEO- This Week at Interior: June 27, 2014 (DOI YouTube)
BLM hosts a competitive auction for renewable energy on public lands in Nevada's Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone; a new report outlines a cooperative effort to restore the bison to its ecological and cultural role; the 2014-2015 Duck Stamp goes on sale; youth workers and volunteers take part in a Youth Summit at Harpers Ferry National Historic Park; and Yosemite turns 150. http://youtu.be/tXpk-yQbNQQ

Secretary Sally JewellFeds Distribute Millions in Parks and Rec Grants to All 50 States
(Government Executive.Com, 07/08/14) All 50 U.S. states, the District of Columbia and overseas territories are set to receive a piece of a $43.38 million funding pie from the federal Land and Water Conservation Fund targeted for local park and outdoor recreation projects. http://ow.ly/yYibL

Secretary Sally Jewell Sally Jewell: Obama's Pro-Fracking Climate Czar
(Bloomberg, 07/03/14) When asked if her values as an outdoorswoman and conservationist conflict with her fossil fuel expertise, Jewell says, "There's no reconciling to be done. "I just think we need to open our eyes and understand that these things have tradeoffs. And we need to apply our ingenuity to a future that we didn't understand in the '70s and '80s, when we were really focused solely on fossil fuels." http://ow.ly/yYccY


Jul. 11: Public Meeting to Solicit Comments on Tylerhorse Wind Project in Kern County (BLM News Release) On Friday, July 11, 2014, the BLM will conduct a public meeting to solicit comments about their concerns and interests on the proposed Tylerhorse Wind Project in Kern County. The meeting will be held at the Hummell Community Building, Room 1, 2500 20th St West, Rosamond, Calif. from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Jul 17-18: BLM Advisory Council Plans Meeting at Mother Lode Field Office
(BLM News Release) Management issues for Central California will be on the agenda when the Bureau of Land Management's Central California Resource Advisory Council meets July 17-18 in El Dorado Hills. http://ow.ly/yHJLz

Jul. 19: Discover the Coast @ Point Arena
(BLM Website) Celebrate with the community of Point Arena with guided hikes/walks, kids crafts, lighthouse activities, food, and lots of fun!

Aug. 1: End of Public Review Period for Environmental Study for Blythe Mesa Solar Project in Eastern Riverside County
(BLM News Release) BLM released a joint environmental analysis with Riverside County for the proposed Blythe Mesa Solar Project in eastern Riverside County, Calif. for a 45-day public review. http://ow.ly/yewwM

Apr-Oct. 23: Webcasts Scheduled to Solicit Comments on Route 66 Management Plan (BLM News Release) The California Historic Route 66 Association and BLM California Desert District have scheduled four webcasts to continue soliciting public comments on the preparation of a corridor management plan for the segment of historic Route 66. http://ow.ly/vUesE

WILDLIFE TRIVIA ANSWER and Related Information

Female grunion with tail buried in the sand and male circled around her. Which of the following statements about the grunion is false?

ANSWER: (f.) Males are known to whistle when they follow females on to the beach. FALSE Grunion are known to make a faint squeaking noise while spawning.

SOURCE: The Amazing Grunion (California Department of Fish & Wildlife Website)

RELATED: What Is A Grunion? (Grunion.org Website)

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