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Ocean waves crashing over rocky shorline at Pacific Grove, CA. BLM photo Military veterans on a CCC crew work on BLM wilderness trails. Wildflowers growing in the desert near Ridgecrest, CA. BLM photo Yellow flower with butterfly. BLM photo Snapshot of vintage graphic post of Headwaters Forest Reverve.


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Front of the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History. BLM photoScience Saturday: Identification Day @ Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History (BLM Facebook) Experts from the BLM will do their best to identify those mystery flowers, feathers, and rocks from your yard, while archaeologists will be on hand to tell you more about that mysterious garage sale find or attic discovery. http://ow.ly/w3mBq

Ocean waves crashing against shoreline rocks at Pacific Grove, CA. BLM photoVoices of the Coast @ Pacific Grove
(BLM YouTube) Local communities share their thoughts about the coast and invite you to Discover the Coast @ Pacific Grove. http://youtu.be/jg0QL5pU14A

Discover the Coast text logo image. Visit our Discover the Coast Website
(BLM website) Learn more about our Discover the Coast campaign, partnerships, and events. http://ow.ly/voNJ2


Ferndate High School Students pose on the beach at Lost Coast with work tools. BLM photoFerndale High School Service Learning Day at BLM's Lost Coast Headlands (BLM Facebook) 85 Ferndale High School students and teachers have joined BLM staff for a Service Learning Day at BLM's Lost Coast Headlands. http://ow.ly/w3nGJ

BLM biologist holds out a young desert tortoise for a monther and her son to see at booth. BLM photoEnvironmental Education at Ridgecrest's 50th Anniversary Parade and Street Fair
(BLM Facebook) For National Environmental Education Week, we want to share a biologist's perspective on the value of environmental education. http://ow.ly/w3nph

Military Veterans CCC crew memebers clearing wilderness trail. Veterans Crew Working at BLM's Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument
(BLM Facebook) In addition to acquiring work experience, and being a steward of the National Monument that is visited by half a million people annually, Langdon was part of something he says was special... http://ow.ly/w3o1h



Quad rider on the Imperial Sand Dunes. BLM photoImperial Sand Dunes: Paradise For Just Spinning Wheels
(The Sacramento Bee, 04/21/14) When I set out for a trip to the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area, I hardly thought I would find myself with a group of Kuwaitis in the back seat of a Lexus LX470 as it slipped and slid across the sandy terrain. http://blm.gov/2vld

RELATED: BLM's Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area
(BLM Website) http://ow.ly/w4Qjq

Small yellow wildflowers bloom in the desert near Ridgecrest, CA. BLM photoLocal Water Group is An Excellent Resource
(Ridgecrest Daily independent online, 04/19/14) Members of the Indian Wells Valley Cooperative Groundwater Management Group have published twelve additional articles with topics ranging from an introduction to hydrologic principles to... http://blm.gov/6vld

RELATED: BLM's Ridgecrest Field Office
(BLM Website) Learn more about the field office and programs. http://ow.ly/w4RUT

Graphic illustration of a hotdog roasting over a campfire. CWCG fire prevention graphic. BLM Announces Fire Restrictions for Lands Managed by Hollister Field Office
(BLM News Release) The BLM is placing precautionary fire restrictions on public land managed by the Hollister Field Office effective immediately. See more information... http://ow.ly/w3ldG

Yellow flower with butterfly. BLM photoHappy Earth Day! (BLM Facebook) "Nature gives to every time and season some beauties of its own." -- Charles Dickens. Hope this Earth Day brings you into contact with the season and the beauties around you. http://ow.ly/w7xhc



Closeup of the head of a Flat-tailed horned lizard.

The Flat-tailed Horned Lizard (FTHL) can be found on some BLM desert landscapes. Which of the following statements about the FTHZ are false?

(a) They eat mostly ants, especially Harvester ants, and occasionally other small invertebrates.

(b) They use their lower jaw scales to dig down into the earth.

(c) When confronted by a snake, they try to appear small and less of a target.

(d) In defense to predators, they also squirt blood from their eyes.

(e) Adults typically hibernate in the winter, but juveniles may remain active all year.

See answer - and more information near the end of this News.bytes.


Headwaters Forest Reserve vintage poster for National Conservation Lands celebration. BLM poster.National Conservation Lands- Vintage Posters (BLM Tumblr) In celebration of Earth Day 2014, the BLM is introducing three vintage posters and postcards depicting some of the spectacular landscapes of our National Conservation Lands, including California's Headwaters Forest Reserve. http://ow.ly/w37e4

Green pastoral landscape and ocean view from BLM's Coast Dairies land. BLM photoBLM Last Week: APRIL 13-18, 2014

(BLM Tumblr) The Trust for Public Land donated nearly 6,000 acres of stunning coastal landscape in Santa Cruz County; the BLM's Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board met in Sacramento, California; "blood moon" photo taken along the American Wild and Scenic River in California... http://ow.ly/w34cB

Image clip from DOI weekly video. VIDEO- Week at Interior April 19, 2014

(DOI YouTube) ...the Integrated Wildland Fire Information Reporting system is among the tools that will be used to fight wildfires this year; and the Interior Museum's "Posterity" exhibit looks back at the some vintage promotional art from the WPA. http://ow.ly/w36dD

Obama Administration Outlines New Strategy to Better Protect Communities, Businesses and Public and Private Lands from the Threat of Wildland Fire Ahead of 2014 Fire Season
(DOI News Release) As the 2014 wildfire season approaches, U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, U.S. Interior Secretary Sally Jewell, and Council on Environmental Quality Acting Chair Mike Boots today released the Administration's National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy. http://ow.ly/w2XeE


Apr. 26: BLM Pit River Campground Reopens
(BLM News Release) The BLM's Pit River Campground and river access area will reopen for the season Saturday, April 26, coinciding with the opening of the California stream fishing season. http://ow.ly/vE9tw

Apr. 28-Oct. 23: Webcasts Scheduled to Solicit Comments on Route 66 Management Plan
(BLM News Release) The California Historic Route 66 Association and BLM California Desert District have scheduled four webcasts to continue soliciting public comments on the preparation of a corridor management plan for the segment of historic Route 66.

Clear Creek near Redding, CA. BLM photoApr-Jun. 1: Clear Creek (near Redding) Outings

(BLM Facebook) We are offering everyone a chance to learn more about our natural world in a series of free outings near Clear Creek south of Redding. Topics on these free guided hikes include fire ecology and more. http://ow.ly/vmsyG

May 3: Agencies Teaming Up to Provide Fire Prevention Information
(News.Bytes Extra) Staff members from the BLM Ukiah Field Office are part of the team including the Lake County Fire Safe Council and Lake County Fire Chiefs Association holding the annual Wildfire Safety Expo, Saturday, May 3, in Lakeport. Admission is free.

Youth group stand in a long line along a Lost Coast trail with an ocean view behind them. BLM photoMay 4-10: The King Range Needs a Few Volunteers!
(BLM Facebook) The King Range National Conservation Area will host a volunteer vacation with American Hiking Society. http://ow.ly/uZMbK

May 12: Comments Due on Proposed Closure of Shooting Area in San Diego County
(BLM News Release) The BLM El Centro Field Office is seeking public comment on a Notice of Intent (NOI) to prepare an Environmental Assessment and an Associated Land Use Plan Amendment to Close the Airport Mesa Target Shooting Area in eastern San Diego County, California. http://ow.ly/vMJLU

Soda Lake with mountains in the background. BLM photoApr-May 24 (Saturdays): Soda Lake and Painted Rock Guided Tours at Carrizo Plain National Monument
(BLM Facebook) Come join us for our Soda Lake/Painted Rock Guided Tour. Reservations are required and can be made at: http://www.recreation.gov/ and

May 28: BLM Extends Public Comment Period on Proposed Solar Project in San Bernardino County (BLM News Release) The public comment period for the proposed Silurian Valley solar project has been extended. Public comments are now due by May 28, 2014. http://ow.ly/vUeTG

WILDLIFE TRIVIA ANSWER and Related Information

Closeup on the face of a Flat-tailed horned lizard.The Flat-tailed Horned Lizard (FTHL) can be found on some BLM desert landscapes in California. Which of the following statements about the FTHZ are false?

(c) When confronted by a snake, they try to appear small and less of a target. FALSE
When confronted by a snake, they actually present the largest part of their body creating a hard thorny shield. Smooth, slender lizards are easier prey for snakes.

(d) In defense to predators, they also squirt blood from their eyes. FALSE
They do not squirt blood from their eyes like other horned lizards. They utilize other defense behaviors like the aforementioned posturing and camouflaging.

Flat-tailed horned lizard.SOURCE: A Guide to the Amphibians and Reptiles of California (Cal Herps Website)

RELATED: BLM Wildlife Database
(BLM Website) http://ow.ly/w3kKb

RELATED: Flat-tailed Horned Lizard Species Profile
(USFWS Website) http://ow.ly/w3ibc

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