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Ocean waves and rocky shoreline of Battery Point, CA. BLM photo Girl pets a wild horse. BLM photo Volunteeers pose with their hand tools. BLM photo Youth group pose for a photo with the moon shing in the background. BLM photo CCC Verterans crew pose next to palm trees.


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Point Vicente lighthouse and coastal cliffs. BLM photoWhale of a Day Event at San Vicente Peninsula (BLM Facebook)
Join the 30th Annual Whale of a Day celebration this year at the Point Vicente Interpretive Center. http://ow.ly/uNF57

Several bicyclists ride down a dirt road at the Fort Ord National Monument. BLM photoBLM's Fort Ord National Monument Voted Best Place to Bike or Mountain Bike in Monterey County, 2014.
(BLM Facebook)
"It's a choose-your-own-adventure: pro or amateur, paved or dirt, hilly or flat." http://ow.ly/uXH8R

Ocean waves and rocks at Battery Point. BLM CCNM. BLM photoVisit Our Discover the Coast Website (BLM Webpage)
Learn about the coastal habitat, and how, together, the BLM and California Resources Agency are partnering with communities along the California coast to ensure the health of natural resources. http://ow.ly/uXIgj


WildCorp students pose for a group photo. BLM photoGo West, Young People! (News.Bytes Extra)
An energetic and enthusiastic group of young people recently descended upon the El Centro Field Office as part of a two week hitch for the Student Conservation Association. http://ow.ly/v10dB

Girl pets horse through a fence. BLM photoMembers of a Lassen County Explorer Post Visit Litchfield Wild Horse and Burro Corrals (BLM Facebook)
They learned about wild horses and burros on the public lands and our adoption program. They also made friends with some saddle horses and wild horses awaiting adoption.... http://ow.ly/uXGEJ


Trails crew pose for a photo with palm trees and desert landscape behind them. BLM photoMilitary Veterans Perform Wilderness 50th Anniversary Trail Work (BLM Facebook)
The Bear Creek Oasis Trail restoration project was selected as a tribute by our nation's veterans to raise awareness about this year's Wilderness 50th Anniversary. http://ow.ly/v0OE8

Group of volunteers pose with hand tools. BLM photoBLM, Partners are Building Trails in the Dunes
(News.Bytes Extra)
A new recreation trail system is steadily growing near Eureka on California's North Coast, thanks to the steady efforts of two volunteer groups partnering with the BLM's Arcata Field Office. http://ow.ly/v10qi

Bruce Cann. BLM photoRELATED: It's #TrailTuesday and We Have an Inspiring Volunteer Work Crew (BLM Facebook)
"It's such a great experience for me to be working with kids, youth, and the elderly..." Says Bruce Cann, Outdoor Recreation Planner for the Arcata Field Office. http://ow.ly/uXFOO

BLM employee talks with visitors at an event booth. BLM photoWilderness Celebrated at Big Morongo Spring Festival
(BLM Facebook)
Big Morongo Canyon Preserve celebrated the National Wilderness Preservation System at the annual Spring Festival last weekend. http://ow.ly/v0x48

PERRIS: Cleanup Slated for Steele Peak Shooting Area
(The Press Enterprise, 03/25/14)
Supporters of a free shooting range near Perris are planning a major cleanup. Debris removal will take place at the Steele Peak site, an open shooting area on land controlled by the BLM.

Joshua tree with desert landscape. Saving the Mojave from the Solar Threat
(LA Times, 03/25/14)
America's need for renewable energy is real, and the desert is a logical place to put solar panels. But California has more than 1 million acres of non-pristine lands that could be used for such a proposal. http://ow.ly/v16DZ

Park Service: Project Would Harm Mojave Preserve (The Press-Enterprise, 03/20/14)
Preserve Superintendent Stephanie Dubois submitted a letter critical of the plan to the BLM, which oversees the public land where the Soda Mountain solar project is planned, the Riverside Press-Enterprise reported. http://ow.ly/v0CNm

RELATED: BLM Soda Mountain Solar Project (BLM Website)
Project overview, schedule, and reports. http://ow.ly/v178N



Desert iguana on a rock.

Desert iguanas are most common in the Mojave and Colorado deserts of California. One special trait gives them an advantage over other animals in their range. What is it?

(a.) They are the most heat-tolerant reptiles in North America, so they have little competition while locating food in midday heat.

(b.) They need much less water than other desert species, so they can travel over a wider range and can escape predators into more remote areas.

(c.) They can digest even the woodiest fibers of various types of cactus, so they can find more nutrition in a smaller area than other animals.

(d.) They are more resistant to snake venom than other reptiles, so they can seek food in more areas than other desert animals.

(e.) They know the words to hundreds of camp songs, passed down by ancestors who lurked outside prospector's campsites --so they can better put up with the long distance travel and solitude that are part of living in the desert.

See answer - and more information near the end of this News.bytes.


yellow flowers. BLM  photoFeb - Mar: Wildflower Walks- San Joaquin River Gorge Special Recreation Management Area (BLM Facebook)
Every Wednesday Morning in February and March. http://ow.ly/uhlJR

Mar. 27: BLM Public Meeting on Proposed Solar Project in San Bernardino County
(BLM News Release)
The BLM will conduct a public meeting to solicit comments from public agencies and the general public about their concerns and interests on the proposed Silurian Valley solar project. http://ow.ly/uIvuR

Mar- May 24 (Saturdays): Soda Lake and Painted Rock Guided Tours at Carrizo Plain National Monument
(BLM Facebook)
Come join us for our Soda Lake/Painted Rock Guided Tour. Reservations are required and can be made at http://www.recreation.gov/ and http://ow.ly/twOiX

Historic ranch house. BLM photoApr. 6: El Saucito Ranch Tour - Pioneer Life on the Carrizo Plain National Monument
(BLM Facebook)
Are you curious what pioneer life might have been like? If so, we have the tour for you, The El Saucito Ranch tour on the Carrizo Plain National Monument. http://ow.ly/uIxX9

Apr. 5 - 6: Roads, Trails in Dry Valley Area will be Used for Motorcycle Races

(BLM News Release)
Weekend back country explorers planning to visit the Dry Valley area east of Susanville the weekend of April 5 and 6 will encounter more people than usual, as a two-day motorcycle race is scheduled on public land. Competitors will begin arriving Friday, April 4.

Apr 10-11: Creek Freaks Community and Volunteer Educators Workshop
(Creek Freak Eventbrite Page)
BLM offices in California have been collaborating with the Izaak Walton League to host Creek Freaks workshops where community educators and volunteers can learn how to present hands-on, riparian-focused outdoor classes to young people. http://ow.ly/uZNp7

Demosntration tribal village at the San Joaquin River Gorge Management Area. BLM photoApr. 16: Project Archaeology- Teacher Workshop at the San Joaquin River Gorge
(BLM Facebook)
The workshop includes everything you will need to teach archaeology in grades 3-5. It is inquiry-based, includes performance based assessments, and allows students to seamlessly integrate science and social studies. http://ow.ly/uhmtQ

Volunteers lined up along a trail with the ocean behind them. BLM photoMay 4-10: The King Range Needs a Few Volunteers!
(BLM Facebook)
The King Range National Conservation Area will host a volunteer vacation with American Hiking Society. Volunteers will be camp out for a total of 5 days and 4 nights and will base camp at Buck Creek on the Lost Coast Trail. http://ow.ly/uZMbK


Last Week at the BLM: MARCH 17-21 (BLM Tumblr)
Youth and veterans initiatives, discovery of a pygmy tyrannosaur, National Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board meeting... http://tmblr.co/Z9wNeu1B27nJs

This Week at Interior: March 21, 2014
(DOI YouTube)
Here's what happened this week at Interior: a new Secretarial Order is issued to expand opportunities for youth and veterans to play, learn, serve, and work in America's great outdoors; the White House honors 14 Champions of Change for engaging communities and youth in environmental stewardship and conservation... http://youtu.be/RjFRoTwa_D4

WILDLIFE TRIVIA ANSWER and related information

Desert iguanaDesert iguanas are most common in the Mojave and Colorado deserts of California. One special trait gives them an advantage over other animals in their range. What is it?

(a.) They are the most heat-tolerant reptiles in North America, so they have little competition while locating food in midday heat.

SOURCE: "Desert iguana - Dipsosaurus dorsalis" (BLM California wildlife database)
These lizards are the most heat-tolerant reptiles in North America. They can remain active in temperatures up to 115 degrees Fahrenheit (this temperature would kill most other reptiles). Most desert reptiles avoid the extreme heat of mid-afternoon, so with all of the other species hidden in shady areas, desert iguanas have very little competition for food.http://ow.ly/v0zhC

PHOTO: One of Amboy Crater's Desert Iguanas by Jennifer Dickson
(The Wilderness Society, Jennifer's Blog)
Make a pit stop for critters at California's Amboy Crater. http://ow.ly/v0zNG

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