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Yellow flower. BLM Ranger high-fives childern. BLM photo Orange wildflower. BLM photo Halter-trained horse. BLM photo Boys from the Manchester band of Pomo Indians perform a tribal dance at Point Arena. BLM photo


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Chia plant blooming in desert sand. BLM photo Desert Wildflower Hunt
(BLM Facebook)
Last week, 20 hopeful hikers joined a six-hour field trip, with BLM Palm Springs South Coast Field Office, in search of wildflowers hidden in desert nooks and crannies. http://ow.ly/uNdDa

Wildflower at Imperial Sand Dunes. BLM photo Wildflowers at the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area
(BLM Facebook)
Take a moment from your ride to stop and smell the flowers!

Walflower close up. BLM photo
Humboldt Bay Wallflower, Ma-le'l Dunes Cooperative Management Area (BLM Facebook) http://ow.ly/uLDgP

Little purpole wildflowers.
Rancho Seco Howard Ranch Trail Flower Report
(BLM Facebook) http://on.fb.me/1gCTQdI

Lupin flowers blooming. BLM photo
Grape Soda Lupine in Indian Wells Canyon
(BLM Facebook) http://ow.ly/uLD7V

Yellow flowers growing on shrub. BLM photoFeb - Mar: Wildflower Walks- San Joaquin River Gorge Special Recreation Management Area
(BLM Facebook)
Every Wednesday Morning in February and March. http://ow.ly/uhlJR


Boy perform at tribal dance from the Manchester band of Pomo Indians, Point Arena. BLM photoPoint Arena Community Celebrates Monument Designation
(BLM YouTube)
VIDEO: Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell joined hundreds of community members to celebrate President Obama's designation of the Point Area-Stornetta Public Lands as part of the California Coastal National Monument. http://youtu.be/0fv7PX1ZcZ0

Point Vicente lighthouse. BLM photoWhale of a Day Event
(BLM Facebook)
Joint the 30th Annual Whale of a Day celebration this year at the Point Vicente Interpretive Center. http://ow.ly/uNF57


BLM Wild Horse and Burro logo.March 21-23: BLM Wild Horse and Burro Adoptions in Norco, CA
(BLM Facebook)
About 30 wild horses and 10 burros will be available for adoption at the Backcountry Horsemen's Rendezvous in Norco, CA. From 9 am to 5 pm you can visit the animals, learn about the adoption process... http://ow.ly/uhto3

Wild horse standing with halter and saddle. BLM photo
Meet Sugar, A 4-Year-Old Haltered-Trained Mare for Adoption
(BLM Facebook) http://ow.ly/uLDUd

Wild horse standing with halter. BLM photo
Meet Maggie Mae, A Yearling Halter-Trained Mare for Adoption
(BLM Facebook) http://ow.ly/uLDwM

One horse facing a fense and others standing further in the back of corral. BLM photo.
Other Wild Horses for Adoption
(BLM Facebook) http://ow.ly/uLEfZ

Several burros in a corral. BLM photo
RELATED: Redlands Wild Horse and Burro Adoptions, just a short drive from Norco (BLM Facebook) http://ow.ly/uLEtL


Several dirt bike riders talk on a road. Grants Help Sheriff's Deputies Patrol Knoxville Wildlands
(Napa Valley Register, 03/18/14)
The Sheriff's Office this year has applied for a state grant to continue its Off-Highway patrols with the strong support of BLM officials. The deputies' presence has made a "huge difference," said Rich Burns, a field manager for BLM's Ukiah Field Office. http://ow.ly/uLvkG

BLM Ranger gives children a high-five. BLM photoA Day In The Life Of A BLM Ranger!
(BLM Facebook)
Park Ranger, Daniel Baca handed out safety frisbees and high-fives to young duners for riding safely and being supervised by their parents while riding. http://ow.ly/uLAbT

RELATED: Follow @BLMmypubliclands and Share Our Story
(BLM Facebook) Stories about the 10,000+ employees who manage 245 million acres of public lands on behalf of the American people.

IVANPAH: Pilots Complain of Solar Plant Glare
(The Press Enterprise, 03/14/14)
In a statement, the Energy Commission said it is conducting its own investigation and will confer with the BLM to determine a resolution of the complaint. The Ivanpah plant is on public land leased through the BLM. http://ow.ly/uNDHM

Small airplane in flight with sun reflecting. Desert Solar Power Plant a Risk to Air Safety, Say Pilots
(KCET, 03/12/14)
Pilots flying both private and commercial aircraft near Las Vegas have filed complaints abut possible unsafe conditions caused by a large solar power plant in the Mojave Desert. http://ow.ly/uIiJd




Black-tailed jackrabbits were originally called:
(a.) "Peering rabbits" because of their large eyes
(b.) "Brown-tailed rabbits" from disagreements over their tail color
(c.) "Kangaroo rabbits" because of their impressive jumps
(d.) "Jackass rabbits" because of their large ears
(e.) "Jackalopes," in order to sell more of the famous southwestern postcards

See answer - and more information near the end of this News.bytes.


Arches rock formation. BLM photoMar. 23: Explore Arches In Alabama Hills
(BLM News Release)
The hike is a loop of about 3.5 miles in the Alabama Hills to explore the arhces and desert landscape. http://ow.ly/uIw4Z

Mar. 27: BLM Public Meeting on Proposed Solar Project in San Bernardino County
(BLM News Release)
The BLM will conduct a public meeting to solicit comments from public agencies and the general public about their concerns and interests on the proposed Silurian Valley solar project. http://ow.ly/uIvuR

Mar- May 24 (Saturdays): Soda Lake and Painted Rock Guided Tours at Carrizo Plain National Monument
(BLM Facebook)
Come join us for our Soda Lake/Painted Rock Guided Tour. Reservations are required and can be made at http://www.recreation.gov/

Old historic house at El Saucito Ranch. BLM photoApr. 6: El Saucito Ranch Tour - Pioneer Life on the Carrizo Plain National Monument
(BLM Facebook)
Are you curious what pioneer life might have been like? If so, we have the tour for you, The El Saucito Ranch tour on the Carrizo Plain National Monument. http://ow.ly/uIxX9

Apr. 5 - 6: Roads, Trails in Dry Valley Area will be Used for Motorcycle Races

(BLM News Release)
Weekend back country explorers planning to visit the Dry Valley area east of Susanville the weekend of April 5 and 6 will encounter more people than usual, as a two-day motorcycle race is scheduled on public land. Competitors will begin arriving Friday, April 4.

Example tribal site. BLM photoApr. 16: Project Archaeology- Teacher Workshop at the San Joaquin River Gorge
(BLM Facebook)
The workshop includes everything you will need to teach archaeology in grades 3-5. It is inquiry-based, includes performance based assessments, and allows students to seamlessly integrate science and social studies.


(BLM Tumblr)
BLM announcements, events, and news highlights from around the country. http://ow.ly/uLB67

DOI Weekly Video: March 14, 2014
(DOI YouTube)
President Obama designates a stunning stretch of public lands to be added to the California Coastal National Monument...http://youtu.be/y7CZx9lt2Q4

WILDLIFE TRIVIA ANSWER and related information

jackrabbitBlack-tailed jackrabbits were originally called:

(d.) "Jackass rabbits" because of their large ears

SOURCE: "Black-tailed Jackrabbit - Lepus californicus" (BLM California wildlife database)
Black-tailed jackrabbits are actually hares and not rabbits. Hares are bigger and have bigger ears. In fact, black-tailed jackrabbits were originally called "jackass rabbits" because their large ears resembled those of a donkey. http://on.doi.gov/1gf6Vzy

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