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America's Great Outdoors logo features a family paddling a canoeAMERICA'S GREAT OUTDOORS

people hiking on trailGet Outdoors and lose sight of civilization on the Lost Coast Trail. It offers one of the few coastal wilderness hiking experiences in the United States. Hikers can view sea lions, tidepools and spectacular spring wildflowers. Solitude can be difficult to find on holiday weekends, so try to plan your hike during weekdays, or the less crowded spring or fall months. Allow at least three days for the entire hike. http://www.blm.gov/ca/st/en/fo/arcata/kingrange/krncatrails.html

sand dunes...Have you ever wondered what the current weather is at the Imperial Sand Dunes? Check out this link to the weather station at Buttercup Ranger Station.
Also check out the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/BLMImperialSandDunes

desert at night...Summer Bucket List adventure lies in the spectacular Piper Mountain Wilderness Area, just east of Bishop, California. Portions of the Inyo, Sylvania, and Piper Mountains, for which this wilderness takes its name, can be found within this area of the California Desert. http://mypubliclands.tumblr.com/

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brown pelican

The brown pelican's preferred nesting sites are small coastal islands. What of these is the most important motivation?

(a.) Fish
(b.) Stable temperatures
(c.) Humidity
(d.) Raccoons
(e.) Lizards
(f.) Retaining higher property values

See answer near the end of this News.bytes.

Renewable energy graphics represent solar, wind and geothermal power, plus transmission lines RENEWABLE ENERGY

BLM Announces Availability of Final Environmental Review and Preferred Alternative for Proposed Casa Diablo IV Geothermal Development Project" (BLM, 7/05/13)
The Bureau of Land Management released the Final Environmental Impact Statement/ Environmental Impact Report (Final EIS/EIR) analyzing a proposal to develop geothermal resources near Mammoth Lakes in Mono County and detailing a preferred, environmentally superior alternative plan. http://www.blm.gov/ca/st/en/info/newsroom/2013/july/casa_diablo_4_eis.html

RELATED: "Casa Diablo IV Geothermal Development Project" (Bishop Field Office)
The proposed Casa Diablo IV Geothermal Development Project would be built on the Inyo National Forest and private lands within four existing federal geothermal leases. It would include construction of a new geothermal power plant, up to 16 new production/injection wells, multiple pipelines and an electric transmission line.

"Land Order Facilitates Solar Energy Development on Public Lands" (BLM, 07/05/13)
As part of President Obama's comprehensive plan to reduce carbon pollution while promoting American-made clean energy sources, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) announced the withdrawal of lands identified for solar energy development in the West from new mining claims.The BLM published a Federal Register notice announcing the approval of a Public Land Order that withdraws 303,900 acres of land within 17 Solar Energy Zones in six western states from the location of mining claims that could impede development of solar energy sites.

solar project"Brightsource Pulls Rio Mesa Permit Application, Leaving Just One Project Underway in Riverside" (KPCC, 7/05/13)
Solar developer Brightsource Energy has cancelled plans to build a large project in Riverside County. The move dims the developer's prospects for getting more solar power on the grid in California.Rio Mesa was to be a 500-megawatt solar thermal development, with at least half the energy going to Southern California Edison. Brightsource had put Rio Mesa on pause in January, citing scheduling and transmission problems, but now the company has withdrawn its permit application with the state's Energy Commission. http://www.ca.blm.gov/37kd

"Endangered Bird Found Dead at Desert Solar Power Facility"
(KCET ReWire, 7/10/13)
A bird found dead at a Riverside County solar project in May was a Yuma clapper rail, a Federally listed Endangered species. The rail is one of a number of water birds found dead at the site, according to one of the owners of the project. The fatality marks the first reported death of a Federally Endangered bird at a renewable energy generation site in the mainland U.S. http://www.kcet.org/news/rewire/solar/photovoltaic-pv/endangered-bird-dead-at-desert-solar-facility.html

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"BLM Fuels Crew Members Join Weaverville Community in July 4 Celebration" (News.bytes Extra)
Members of the BLM Redding Field Office fuels module joined Weaverville's July Fourth celebration, participating in the community's annual holiday parade. Wearing their wildland fire gear and carrying firefighting tools, the crew members shook hands with parade spectators and gave Smokey Bear fire prevention items to children. BLM firefighting support trucks rolled along the parade route as well.

"Small Bone Yard Fire Ignites at BLM Corral" (The Daily Independent, 7/10/13)
A small fire sparked up Monday afternoon around 5 p.m. at the Bureau of Land Management's Wild Horse and Burro Corral. Fueled by gusty winds, 108-degree temperatures and plenty of manure, the blaze was quickly knocked down by firefighters. BLM Resource Management Specialist Robert Pawelek said the suspected cause of the fire was a spark from a chain saw. He said, while it is not known exactly how the fire started, there were crews at the sight of the blaze using chain saws to cut up pieces of trash and garbage.


"Volunteers Help BLM Document History in Passport in Time Project"
(News.bytes Extra)
Volunteers with a passion for history and archaeological research recently helped the Bureau of Land Management Redding Field Office document historic life and work by Chinese miners on a public land site in Siskiyou County. Working and learning under the direction of BLM Archaeologist Dr. Eric Ritter, the group of 40 mapped the research site, designed and planned research plots, excavated test units and documented their discoveries.

"Mid-Summer Desert Festival at the Desert Discovery Center" (News.bytes Extra)
The Bureau of Land Management's Desert Discovery Center (DDC) recently hosted another successful Mid-Summer Desert Festival. This annual event celebrates the wonders of the Mojave Desert with activities and presentations that explore natural and cultural resources of the high desert region.The Festival provided a vast array of informational booths that highlighted the diverse opportunities in the community of Barstow and the associated public lands close by.

"Desert Advisory Committee Meeting Scheduled to Consider Imperial Sand Dunes Fee Proposal" (BLM, 7/10/13)
The Bureau of Land Management Desert Advisory Committee will meet in Riverside on July 27 to consider a fee proposal for the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area.The meeting will be held from 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Riverside Marriott Hotel, 3400 Market St. The meeting is open to the public. However, discussion is limited to BLM staff and committee members.

trees with an ocean view"Volunteers Build Trails, Restore Meadows"
(Redwood Times, 07/09/13)
Volunteers met with representatives from the Bureau of Land Management in the King Range last week to help with trail-building and meadow restoration. Armed with nothing more than folding handsaws and work gloves, volunteers manually cut back and removed young Douglas firs and tan oaks -- one branch at a time. It's labor intensive -- but necessary. http://www.ca.blm.gov/27kd


"Nominations Open for Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board"
(BLM, 7/03/13)
The Bureau of Land Management is requesting public nominations to fill three positions on its national Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board. Nominations are for a term of three years and are needed to represent the following categories of interest: wild horse and burro research, natural resource management, and public interest (with special knowledge of equine behavior). The Board advises the BLM, an agency of the Interior Department, and the U.S. Forest Service, an agency of the Agriculture Department, on the protection and management of wild free-roaming horses and burros on public lands administered by those agencies. http://www.blm.gov/wo/st/en/info/newsroom/2013/july/nr_07_03_2013.html

"This Week at Interior" (YouTube, 7/05/13)
Hundreds of thousands of visitors in Gettysburg to observe the 150th anniversary of the pivotal Civil War battle; Secretary Jewell visits incident command posts in Arizona as firefighters continue to fight two raging wildfires; a major clean energy announcement in Las Vegas; the Statue of Liberty reopens in New York Harbor; and Fourth of July fireworks light up the sky over Washington DC.


July 13 - "BLM, Lost Coast Interpretive Association to Host Free Tidepool Tour at Mal Coombs Park" (BLM, 07/03/13)
The fascinating life in tidepools will be featured in a free interpretive outing Saturday, July 13, from 9 to 10:30 a.m., at Mal Coombs Park in Shelter Cove. Participants should meet at the Mal Coombs Park lighthouse. Bureau of Land Management Interpretive Specialist Rachel Sowards-Thompson said participants should be prepared to get wet as they learn about the hardy forms of life that exist in tidepools.


(d.) Raccoons

SOURCE: "Brown Pelican" (BLM California wildlife database)
The preferred nesting sites are small coastal islands which provide protection from mammal predators, especially raccoons, and sufficient elevation to prevent widescale flooding of nests.
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