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Issue 179 - 10/21/04

Marathon run at the Bizz Johnson TrailDavid Kilpatrickclose-up of Kellogg's buckwheatTheresa ElliottNorway rat - but I'm not Norwegian!

- Marathon run and bike ride on the Bizz Johnson Trail
- New policy encourages Solar Energy development
- Wanted (employment opportunities)
- Not for Educators Only: wildlife trivia, special status plant
- Meet David Kilpatrick, Advisory Council Member
- Profile: Theresa Elliott
- Photo Album: Marijuana eradication
- Bookstore Feature: Birds of North America
- Headlines and Highlights, includes land acquisition, national awards, environmental education, fire restrictions lifted, and more
- Selected upcoming events

BIZZ JOHNSON TRAIL - Marathon and Bike Ride:

Marathon run at the Bizz Johnson Trail"Marathon brings people from 34 states and three countries" (Lassen County News, 10/18/2004)
The first ever Bizz Johnson Trail Marathon on Sunday, Oct. 10 drew 475 participants and Bureau of Land Management Recreation Planner Stan Bales told the Board of Supervisors that he was flabbergasted by the great response and the distance people came.

"Fall Colors Bike Ride Set for Bizz Johnson Trail" (BLM California news release, 10/19/2004)
Again this year, the Bureau of Land Management and Lassen Rural Bus are joining forces to make fall color enjoyment more convenient for outdoor enthusiasts by offering a Fall Colors Bike Ride and bus shuttle service on Saturday, Oct. 23.

Fall Foliage Along the Trail (BLM California web site)
Autumn is one of the most popular seasons to visit the Bizz Johnson Trail. As the changing foliage of cottonwoods turn the river bottoms golden yellow, willows along the river take on various tones of red and golden yellow, and oaks scattered through the landscape add accents of bright orange. For more information visit our web site at


"New Policy Encourages Solar Energy Development on America’s Public Lands - Policy supports clean energy initiative" (DOI news release, 10/21/2004)
Rebecca Watson, assistant secretary of the Interior for Land and Minerals Management, today announced a new land-management policy designed to encourage the development of solar energy resources on America’s public lands. Watson made the announcement during the Solar Power 2004 conference in San Francisco. “Our quality of life and economic security are dependent on a stable and abundant supply of affordable energy,” Watson said. “Encouraging the production and development of renewable energy on our public lands, including solar energy, is part of the president’s National Energy Policy.”
Press Release:
BLM Solar Energy Development Land Authorization Policy:

Solar Energy (BLM California Issue Paper)
An increasing need for clean, low cost energy is providing for a growing interest in developing solar energy generation capabilities in California.


"Archaeologist and Supervisory Range Technician for permanent, full-time employment"
Apply on-line for BLM California jobs at USA JOBS:


Norway rat - but I'm not Norwegian!WILDLIFE TRIVIA QUESTION OF THE WEEK: International rat
Norway rats are not originally from Norway. What part of the world are they believed to be from?
(a) The continent of Australia.
(b) Somewhere in Russia.
(c) Hawaii.
(d) Somewhere in the Alps Mountains.
(e) Somewhere in Asia.
(f) Somewhere in Equatorial South America.
(g) A large mall in northern Minnesota.
(h) The North Pole - which is sometimes confused with Norway.
"Vote" in our online interactive wildlife quiz - and see how other people are voting:

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close-up of Kellogg's buckwheatSPECIAL STATUS PLANT OF THE WEEK: Kellogg's buckwheat
This perennial herb forms loose spreading mats 8- 17.5 inches (20-50 centimeters) in diameter. Leaves are clustered on low stems, leaf blades are 1.7- 4 inches (4-10 centimeters) in length, and ± oblanceolate, and silvery-silky, especially below. Blooms are ball shaped, composed of several smaller flowers about 0.25-0.37 inches (5-7 millimeters) in size and whitish to rose in color.

"I look forward to getting your newsletter. Keep up the good work."
      - Jo P.

David B. KilpatrickMEET YOUR ADVISORY COUNCIL MEMBERS: David B. Kilpatrick
David Kilpatrick represents energy and minerals interests on the Central California Resource Advisory Council. He has over 25 years of management and operating experience in the oil and gas industry and is currently the president of his own consulting business. He has been actively involved in the regulatory aspects of BLM lands for the past 10 years. Represents energy/minerals

Theresa ElliottPROFILE: Theresa Elliott
Terry, as she likes to be called, has been working in the Information Access Center - formerly called the Public Room - for about three and half years. In this position she helps the public, be it with a mining claim, a map, or information. As she is part of a multi-use agency, she needs to know quite a bit about everything. Read more in our weekly News.bytes Profile.

PHOTO ALBUM: Marijuana eradication
Organized cultivation of marijuana is on the rise. BLM, in cooperation with a number of law enforcement agencies, has seized and eradicated 130,720 plants (retail value $523 million) from public lands since January of 2004. The majority of gardens have been located in northern California, while in southern California the act and effects of methamphetamine production are equally damaging. The BLM Law Enforcement program is responsible for protecting public safety and resources across 15 million acres of California BLM-managed public lands. Recreational visits to BLM public lands in California reach nearly nine million visitors annually."

Bookstore Feature: "Birds of North America: Guide to Field Identification"BOOKSTORE FEATURE: "Birds of North America: Guide to Field Identification"
A Golden Field Guide Series: "Brief descriptions and illustrations help to identify 650 species of birds in North America, with information on characteristics, range maps, and song patterns. Spot the silhouette of a Northern Goshawk in flight. Identify the raucous call of the Red-winged blackbird. Discover the secret of picking out a chipping sparrow from its look-alike cousins. Its simple with this classic field guide, a treasured favorite among amateur bird lovers and exacting professionals."

Related: "Bird Watching"
California has some of the most varied wildlife habitat on earth - from arid southern desert to snow-capped Sierra Nevada to Pacific seacoast. This diversity is well-represented in the 14.5 million acres of public lands in California administered by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management.


"Thunder Valley tribe rewards groups, schools" (The Sacramento Bee, 10/21/2004)
Casino profits have allowed the tribe to establish a program in which it donates $1 million annually to nonprofit groups, service organizations and schools. Grants totaling $250,000 are given quarterly. Jeff Darlington, executive director of Placer Land Trust, said his group will use its $50,000 grant toward the purchase of 650 acres of wildlands in an area known as Giant Gap near Alta. Darlington said the trust will turn the acreage over to the U.S. Bureau of Land Management for preservation. "Some of the benefits of the project are that the public will get access to the (north fork of the American River) for recreational purposes," he said.

Director Kathleen Clarke will be in Reno on Monday, October 25 to honor individuals who participated in planning for the Black Rock Desert-High Rock Canyon Emigrant Trails National Conservation Area (NCA), with the Director's Four Cs Award. The people selected for this award participated in the three-year collaborative planning effort that developed the Resource Management Plan for the NCA located 100 miles northeast of Reno. Among those being honored is Owen Billingsley, Field Manager of BLM's Surprise Office in Cedarville. The Resource Management Plan can be viewed on-line at

"Heading east for land " (The Desert Sun, 10/16/2004)
Ambitious plan for new city would be squeezed between 2 wilderness areas

"Convicted Ore. Cave Looter Faces Charges " (The, 10/19/2004)
Two years ago, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management fined him $2.5 million - mostly an attempt to deter others from damaging rare archaeological sites on federal land before experts can excavate them properly.

"Get Involved" ( website)
The Folsom Field Office is looking for a "Volunteer Naturalist" to help increase public awareness at the Pine Hill Preserve. They will lead guided walks and conduct community/school outreach focusing on Pine Hill's unique ecological significance, conservation goals, accomplishments, and recreational opportunities.

"Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board Meeting Scheduled" (BLM California news release, 10/19/2004)
The Bureau of Land Management's (BLM) National Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board will meet November 8, 2004 in Reno, NV to discuss the management and protection of wild, free-roaming horses and burros on the nation's public lands, according to a notice in the October 5, 2004 Federal Register. The one-day meeting will be held Monday, November 8, 2004 from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm at the Reno Hilton, 2500 E. Second Street, Reno Nevada 89595.

"BLM District Advisory Council to Meet in Needles" (BLM California news release, 10/19/2004)
The Bureau of Land Management's (BLM) California Desert District Advisory Council will participate in a field tour of the BLM-administered public lands on Friday, October 22, 2004, from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and meet in formal session on Saturday, October 23, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Saturday meeting will be held at the Needles City Council Chambers located at 1111 Bailey in Needles, California.

"UC Merced teachers hit the trails" (Modesto Bee, 10/19/2004)
WildLink project aims to connect students with hands-on science research. As part of an effort to inspire students, the University of California at Merced and a wildnerness-education project called WildLink are getting teachers to look for mayflies under rocks, measure the flow of the Merced River, and test water samples for purity in Yosemite. It's hands-on science in nature, as opposed to formulas and theories in a classroom. It's more connected to the real world. And it's more fun.

"Leaving no trace at Burning Man" (Nevada Appeal, 10/18/2004)
The Bureau of Land Management, which issues the permit for the affair, wanted to know, so Dave Cooper, National Conservation Area manager for the BLM, and Jamie C. Thompson, public affairs officer for the NCA, drove from Winnemucca to Gerlach last week for a personal inspection of the playa. It was the day after the Burning Man Festival management completed its cleanup of the 2,200 acres involved in the celebration.

BLM Lifts Fire Restrictions (BLM California news releases, 10/19/2004)
Due to the onset of rainy weather, fire restrictions have been lifted in areas of Northern California.

"West County: In Brief - Advisory Council Appoints Members" (The Ventura County Star, 10/17/2004)
One new member has been appointed to the 12-member board of the Central California Resources Advisory Council, and three current members have been reappointed.,1375,VCS_226_3261463,00.html

"Some anglers worry about saving the rocks" (Santa Cruz Sentinal, 10/16/2004)
While officials with the California Coastal National Monument say nothing will change on the 22,000 rocks along California’s 1,100 mile coast — especially with regards to fishing — anglers say they’ve heard that before. "The purpose is to protect the rocks, the geologic formations and the habitat," said monument manager Rick Hanks.

Related: "California Coastal National Monument Draft RMP and EIS
The BLM has released for public review and comment, a Draft Resource Management Plan/Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the California Coastal National Monument. The document details a range of alternatives for managing the approximately 20,000 rocks, small islands, exposed reefs, and pinnacles off the 1,100-mile length of the California Coast.

"County OKs mining expansion plans" (Imperial Valley Press, 10/14/2004)
Sand and gravel mining operations in this tiny west county town are expanding, with the county Planning Commission certifying a trio of reclamation plans at its Wednesday meeting. The county's approval of the reclamation plans, which faced close scrutiny from Planning Director Jurg Heuberger, clears the way for the U.S. Bureau of Land Management to issue expanded mining permits in the area.

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10/23/2004 - National Monument Celebration
Palm Desert

11/10/2004 - Roadrunner: Cuckoo of the Desert
North Palm Springs,

10/23/2004 - National Monument Celebration
Palm Desert

11/04/2004 - Free Lecture - America's Greatest Gift

10/21/2004 - CA Coastal National Monument DRMP Public Meetings

10/27/2004 - CA Coastal National Monument DRMP Public Meetings
La Jolla

11/04/2004 - CA Coastal National Monument DRMP Public Meetings
San Francisco

10/28/2004 - CA Coastal National Monument DRMP Public Meetings
Long Beach

10/22/2004 - Desert District Advisory Council Meeting

10/22/2004 - Desert District Advisory Council Meeting (day 1)

10/23/2004 - Desert District Advisory Council Meeting (day 2)

10/28/2004 - BLM Steering Committee Meeting

10/24/2004 - Pine Hill Preserve "Take Pride in America" Workday
Cameron Park

10/27/2004 - Competitive oil and gas lease sale

11/06/2004 - WHB Adoption

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